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My BA is in Classical Languages and Literature. At various points in my education, I have studied German, Classical Greek, Latin, and a touch of Castillian Spanish. I also did most of an . in seminary. I have done a lot of writing in academic settings and received strong grades on work on which I only needed to do a quick revision. Typically, I would read the work aloud and smoothen out my writing. My work with languages has given me a greater sense of how words fit together and translating English into them has forced me to think about how to communicate ideas clearly.

As a beta, I want to help authors clarify what they're trying to convey; clean up any spelling or grammar errors (except for those which are intentional for a narrative purpose); and strengthen their diction to create powerful, evocative narratives. To that end, I will provide notes, ideally using the notation feature of Word, but I can also use bracketed notes in the text. I note exactly what deletions and the alternatives I suggest so that the changes are obvious and can be viewed in context. My notes are meant to be nothing but data which the author can use to decide how to finish crafting their story. I have no expectation that they be utilized in the final story. I only hope they are helpful.

I am open to extended dialogue back and forth with the author if he or she finds that helpful. I suspect such exchanges would be most helpful when addressing matters of characterization or fleshing out the next step in the story if one is stuck. My availability to work on iterative drafts on a given chapter will depend on my work load, but I would rather work more intensely with one or two fics than only be able to do one review on many different fics.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I have a gift for style and diction. I also have strong skills in grammar, including knowing when to break the rules, and spelling, including homophones and other instances where one has spelled a word (thus spell check will not note it) but not the correct word. I have some skill with dialects and how to make them intelligible, but reflect the unique sounds of the language. I am also a sponge of trivia and know lots of details about a wide variety of fiction settings and about how things work in the real world. I love researching such things, as well, when I don't know the answers. I am also very aware of when stories become bogged down in minutiae which do not move the story or the characters forward.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
My biggest weakness at the moment is my lack of experience. I am hoping to build up a body of work as an editor through my work with fan fiction.I can focus more on improving technical elements of writing so that I lose track of the bigger picture, such as looking at characterization and story structure. I am not completely blind to them, but they tend to be secondary thoughts.

When it comes to Harry Potter, I have read more Potter fanon than canon recently so the lines have gotten a bit blurry as to which comes from where.

When it comes to Wheel of Time, I have not read A Memory of Light, though I've read everything else in Randland, including New Spring and the big book of bad art.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I prefer to read novel length stories which are character driven, but maintain their narrative focus so those are the ones I would most like to hone. I also tend to prefer stories set during the events of a given series, e.g. Harry's Hogwarts years or Rand's journey from The Three Rivers to Shayol Ghul. The most important things are a strong sense of characters and their interaction. It is also refreshing to encountered fully realized worlds in which stories take place.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I am not interested in stories with strong sexual themes. I am also completely uninterested in stories set after the denouement but before the ultimate conclusion of a novel or series, e.g. exploring the 19 years between DH and the epilogue (note that stories which do not arrive at the epilogue and other alternative futures do not fit this category).
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