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Author has written 19 stories | Star Fox, Cave Story, Legend of Zelda, Spyro the Dragon, x-men, Two Kinds, Fullmetal Alchemist, Misc. Movies, Doctor Who, RWBY, and My Little Pony.
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Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
My style is to read the whole story from beginning to end, imagining it all in my mind as if it were a movie. This usually helps with the drama and placement of certain moments. Oddly enough, I sometimes have trouble making very good stories when I actually try to write them out, because I can never think of good somewhat complicated words to use, but that doesn't change the fact that if I could SHOW people what I think up by way of some contraption that shows people what i'm thinking as if it were a movie, you would be AMAZED.
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I know a good story when I read it. When it's a Fanfiction, I can usually tell a good story by the number of chapters, the length of the chapters, the reviews it has gotten, and the summary. If I have read the first chapter and like it, it is a good story. If I just can't get into it, it sucks. If it's in my favorites, it has moneymaking potential, or it's just freakishly funny or something along those lines. I am also VERY good at spelling, and I can usually spot every spelling error in a story. I have only missed spelling errors 2-3 times in my life as far as I can remember, and that was either because of fatigue, or it was because I was reading too fast. If you have spelling issues, let me read the story and I will fix the errors. I am also pretty good at coming up with good ideas for how the next part of a story should go, or coming up with things to help get rid of Writer's Block. So far, I can think of only ONE story where I couldn't come up with a good way to continue it, so it ended up being dicontinued. And that was a GREAT story too... oh well it wasn't on this website anyway. I am also pretty good at predicting the next event, although due to the randomness and unpredictability of fanfiction, I find it pretty difficult at times to do so. However, for some reason, the better stories are also easier to predict, since it's those predictable moments that make a story good. If you have writer's block, I can give a general idea of how you should proceed after I have read the rest of the story.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I'm not as good with Grammar as with spelling, but I am still pretty good at it. I also get bored with stories that seem like they would only entertain a child. I have seen plenty of stories like this, and they could only be released to the public for profit if they were picture books.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I would prefer stories involving the character pairings mentioned in my account profile, or some intense action with a little romance added in. Almost anything else is just not interesting unless it is actually decided to be a real part of the series it's based on or it involves another pairing I end up gaining interest in. I would also prefer stories with at least 6 chapters or ones that are part of a GREAT series. I am REALLY fond of POETRY! YAY! If you have ANY poetry that you would like me to betaread, go ahead and ask! I'll be on it before you can say thanks!
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I will not betaread a crossover unless it's so well written that it's almost impossible to tell that it's a crossover. Neo Quest in my favorites is probably one of the few if any crossovers that I have actually enjoyed a LOT. I will also not betaread stories with freakishly horrible grammar or spelling, or that have VERY short chapters. For some reason, longer chapters seem to make stories twice as enjoyable, since it hints at a longer storyline and it actually seems like a book rather than having two chapters that could be easily combined into one. I will not betaread stories with Yaoi or Yuri in them, because if you read my profile, you'd know what I think of that stuff. Lastly, I will not read stories with a lot of pornograghic material in them. That is just wrong. A little hinting or a little bit of detail is ok, but tons of it is just too wrong for me to do. Change it first if you still want me to betaread it. If there are any stories similar to these that you still want me to betaread, let me see the first chapter. If I like it, I will do it. Otherwise, try again.
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