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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
Well, for starters, I'm nice. Meaning I'll point out some things for you in a 'friendly' manner because I'm not that sort of person who goes gangster mafia all about. If anybody wishes to have me beta their stories, I'd usually look into your plot and spices things up a little, take note of your grammar and fish out some OOC characters.

Don't worry, I don't hate characters at all. In fact, I don't think I really detest any character with seething hate. I simply hate them with a PASSION :) So if you have a character which I think is a Mary-Sue, then I suggest a tweak in your chara's behavior~ I can help you fix that character if you want, just as long as it fits into your story well.

There's also those writers that are not firmly gripping the English language. I won't take up stories by them unless you are EXCEPTIONALLY AWESOME (or at least I'm attracted to your ideas or have been in prior contact with). If you stir up an interesting plot, write the story and gimme. If you're actually requesting for a collaboration project, well... That's simply another story. xD

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Plots are endless. If you're stuck in your plot, maybe I can help! However, if it's an AU story, there may be some contradictory here and there. The characters must fit in with your alternate world, and the world MUST make sense. But remember: I'm a nice person, so I'll say things lightly so that you can understand and try to apply my advice~

And like I said before, I can help herd your OOC characters and Mary-Sues. They can be a little problem in your story but I'll do the best I can. Also, when it comes to expressions of characters (especially the dialogue) I'll try to pin-point inconsistencies in your character's tone and voice. If the tone of his/her voice doesn't match with his/her feelings, then it just confuses the reader.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Poetic stories. Poetry. I'm not a poet, you see :)

Other than that, I MAY be stubborn when it comes to 'HOLY COW COMPLICATED' plots, especially if the story's heck long and novel-like. I can tell you that the plot's weird and perhaps unoriginal, but I sometimes stick to that plot and not give any good ideas. If you accept any of my ideas, however... feel free to have your story look weird. If it's SUPPOSED to be a weird story, then okay!

And I have this tendency to add a lot of commas here and there. I'm not good with semi-colons and I always bunch up my words together in a squeeze that it looks real ugly.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others

And there's the time I become either lazy or busy. If you send me a oneshot/chapter with around 2000 words or less, I can accept it :) Hero/heroine stories are awesome too and I love it better if it's a tragic heroine story. Angst is my most favorite as I enjoy writing how people die in a sad, painful way.

... No, I ain't cruel. I know the guy's dying and his ass' was already kicked, but he has to know it too!

I also appreciate romantic and dark twisted stories. You can hand me a oneshot of a fluffy platonic love/mellow romance or one of an obsessive predator-like character in love~

Suspense, action, humor and friendship are also kindly accepted~ Only if you're kind~

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I'll put it in point form~

- Anything that doesn't follow the site's rules (e.g scripts)

- Long lengthy chapters (Chapters that exceed 3000 words, for example.)

- Stories that revolve around a certain OC, or more (That, well... I guess I can only help by touching everything but the OCs.)

- Stories that flame or bash in any sort of way (Mind you, I hate theose stories.)

- Yaoi and yuri. Sorry guys~ (I'm not a fan of those stories, really.)

- REALLY explicit sexual content. (If the P-word, V-word, C-word, other P-word and L-word are EVER mentioned, I'm outta here, mate. I'm out of your front door. If I see lots of dialogue that's... well, too dirty and stuff, I'm outta your neighborhood, pal.)

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