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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
Spoiler alert: I'm picky. Deal with it. Couple things I don't tolerate:

-Most forms of slash/fem-slash. In the DP fandom, I'm okay with Pitch Pearl, but nothing more.

-Along with the slash thing, I don't do incest.

-Anything M-rated

-Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus. I'll tell you if you have one.

-Generally anything non-canon when it comes to relationships

-In the DP fandom, Danny/Dani father/daughter. That's just... ew.

-On that note, I don't really care for any other father/daughter or father/son or whatever pairing that's non-canon

-Somewhat DannyxSam in the DP fandom. If you write the relationship well, I can handle it.

-Overused plots, unless there's a unique twist to it that's not too out-there.

-Also in the DP fandom: Taking Clockwork and Vlad out of character. I have definite expectations for the former, and I can tell when the latter is OOC (but I'm not good at getting him IC)

Things I WILL tolerate:

-Most AUs. It depends on a lot, though.


-Any character-bashing. It's fun to point out the negatives in a character.

-Bouncing theories back and forth, especially in the DP fandom. I need to work on mine some, and I love seeing what everybody else thinks.

-In the DP fandom, non-canon powers or abilities of Danny's (whether he gains them in the story or has already had them), just so long as they're believable

-Character death (for generally anybody)

-Mild violence (but, as noted, nothing M-rated)

-In the DP fandom, pretty much any kind of post-"Phantom Planet" fic.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I'm a stickler for grammar and spelling; it's probably my greatest strength. I can help point those mistakes out. I'm also pretty good-ish at catching Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus, but not all the time.

I try to take overused plotlines or ideas and twist them into original ideas (like in DP revelation fics, for instance), and if you feel like you're just going along with what everybody else is doing, I can help you overcome that.

Another thing I'm sort of good at is coming up with theories and head-canons. I love bouncing them off of others to refine them (especially science-y ones; I'm not strong in that area), so I'll definitely be a help there.

Description is one of my stronger points, but not all of the time. I can help make a scene longer if you feel it's too short, and I love coming up with different ways to state things.

But, yeah. I absolutely love editing, and I don't mind it one bit, so give me everything you've got!

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Oh, where do I begin?

Biggest thing: I do things fast. Write, read, dishes... you get the drift. But when I read, I tend to overlook details a lot because I end up reading it so fast. That being said, I will sometimes go back and re-read to catch what I missed, but not all the time. I also write fast, and sometimes I don't edit my own work, so mistakes can be made there. I may need your help in telling me a specific part you want me to read over or edit.

On that note, one thing I *don't* do fast is get back to people. I'm on the actual website very sporadically (if you read any of my stories, you know how long it takes me to update), so deadlines are helpful, because it motivates me. If you like to get your things up pretty fast, I might not be the person for you.

Keeping characters aligned with their personalities is another thing I have troubles with. Not saying I'm terrible at it, but I can struggle with it, too.

For DP fandom-specifics, I have an issue with Sam at the moment. We've just begun the repairing process, but I'm still not completely open to her. So Sam-centric fics are probably not something I'd be good at.

Another character: Vlad. I don't have a problem with him, it's his character that I do. I find him very difficult to write/edit for, and I'm not much of a help in that area.

One more thing I struggle with is keeping an open mind to some AUs and some plot ideas. I have strict expectations when it comes to different kinds of stories, and if it's not what I believe in, I generally repel it. I've been trying to get better with it, but just keep that in mind.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I'm definitely willing to check out any Danny Phantom story (so long as it doesn't include anything listed above or below that I can't take). That's my main fandom.

-In this fandom, I love revelation fics (especially Lancer-revelation fics). I also like suspense a lot and stories where the villain is pretty brutal to Danny. Any story that delves into the reasonings behind ideas or concepts I like. Fenton family bonding stories are awesome as well. I like fem!Danny, but not a completely gender-bent universe. Strange, yes, but that's how I roll.

Most Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja stories I'll beta for as well, if they comply with my rules.

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I listed a bunch of things up above that I won't beta-read under the profile section, so read that if you're not sure.

In the DP fandom, I can't stand bad-boy!Danny, nor the stories where he disappears and returns to Amity Park *x* years later all different. Other kinds of stories I don't like include fics where Danny's kids have ghost powers. In my opinion, that's not possible (I have my reasoning behind that), so I stay away from those stories.

If you have any doubts about if I'll beta your story, just PM me with the story's title, and I'll certainly check it out!

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