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Author has written 34 stories | Eyeshield 21, Winnie the Horse Gentler, Newsies, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Detective Conan/Case Closed, Joker/Clover/Heart no Kuni no Alice, Tinkerbell, Les Miserables, How to Train Your Dragon, and Rise of the Guardians.
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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I've always enjoyed writing and have always appreciated people who have helped correct and improve my writing, and now I want to do the same. When I beta-read, I'm going to give you my honest opinion of what I think of it. I don't want you to take it as flame, but as helpful criticism. I'll do my best to help your story along. I can't promise you that you'll have many readers and reviews, but I'll do what I can to help you make a good story. Just a note, if you want me to beta-read your story, I would like a quick test read through before I accept your request. I hope you guys don't mind, but I don't want to take on a story that I don't think I can help in any way. Also, I'm online almost 24/7 since I attend an online university. So it shouldn't take too long for a response from me unless other duties decide to interrupt. I might be slow at times, but that doesn't mean I'm not working on your story. Please be patient with me. I have a life that I need to live some of the time when I'm not writing and/or beta-reading.
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I'm pretty strong in grammar although spelling is more my thing. So if I see a misspelling, I'm going to point it out. I'm also pretty strong in keeping characters in their original character. Also, if you're doing anything Korean and/or Japanese related, I will comment if it doesn't fit with Koreans and/or Japanese. I'm half-Korean so I'm a bit picky when it comes to Asian stuff. I'm pretty good at coming with a variety of story ideas so if it's anything I'm familiar with, I can help you think of a story idea. I'm also pretty decent at coming with story titles. I also specialize in historical fiction.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I get too many ideas at a time for several different stories. I also have difficulty focusing on one story. I'm slowly improving, but I still fall back into that old habit. Another weakness of mine is that I can make my stories really depressing and extremely tragic. (Although I hardly post those ones since they are so depressing.) I also find myself rather corny at times so I could use some tips on good humor in writing. I also have issues revealing things either too soon or rather late (with that, I have a tendency to bunch up important info and blast it at my readers, although this only seems to happen in my non-fanfics).
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
If I like it, I'll beta-read it! ;) I would like to beta-read K to K(plus) rated stories. I do write T rated stories, but I'm a bit unsure of beta-reading some T rated stories. But I'll give it a shot if you will allow me to test beta-read it. My favorite types of stories are angst but there absolutely has to be some comfort and happiness in it! X3
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
PLEASE NOTE! I will not beta-read any slash, yaoi, yuri, incest, or anything related to those. I also will not beta-read fem! stories. But if it is more of a "what if?" situation, I will be willing to test beta-read. I don't really do violence, but I'll take a test beta-read and see if I think I can work with it. I also want to note I prefer things to be as canon as possible, so if it makes like no sense with the actual anime/book/movie/etc., I will probably not want to beta it. It's hard to wrap around sometimes. XD Also note, I don't do weird fantasy. If you're interested in having me as a beta and have alot of fantasy, you can always shoot me a pm and tell me about it, and I can tell you if it's too weird for me or not.
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Language: English
Content Rating: Fiction K » K+
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Movie Balto
Anime Candy Candy
Anime Clamp School Detectives/CLAMP学園探偵団
Anime Detective Conan/Case Closed
Anime Eyeshield 21
Anime Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
Anime Giant Killing/ジャイアント・キリング
Tv Goong/궁
Anime Hetalia - Axis Powers
Book Hobbit
Movie How to Train Your Dragon
Tv Iljimae/일지매
Game Joker/Clover/Heart no Kuni no Alice
Anime Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ
Book Les Miserables
Book Lord of the Rings
Tv Lovers in Paris/파리의 연인
Anime Magic Kaito/まじっく快斗
Movie Newsies
Anime Nintama Rantarou/忍たま乱太郎
Book North and South
Tv Queen In Hyun's Man/인현왕후의 남자
Movie Rise of the Guardians
Tv Rooftop Prince/옥탑방 왕세자
Anime Rurouni Kenshin
Book Satu Country
Tv Sherlock
Anime Sword of the Stranger
Movie Tinkerbell
Anime Whisper of the Heart
Book Winnie the Horse Gentler
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