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Author has written 11 stories | Inuyasha, Harry Potter, and Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries.
β : Suaru-chan is a registered beta reader and is currently accepting beta reading requests.
Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
First I think it may be helpful if I tell you a bit about myself!

I've been a fan-fiction author for over ten years, and I've been working on several original stories for around six years. I am a twenty-seven year old woman, married, and currently working on several different original stories to send to a publishing house. I like cats, dogs, and small two legged things known as children. (They're just so fun to snuggle and play with!) My two favorite female authors are: Laurell K. Hamilton and Judith Tarr.

Now, onto the beta-reader information:

As a beta-reader I try my best to always remain objective and attentive to the author and story, in hopes that I can aid the author in making their story the best it can be. I know that my opinions are just that - opinions - and that all final decisions belong to the author, as is their right. I understand the need/want for privacy and trust and know that sharing any work before posting - without the authors express permission, (keeping in mind I will NEVER ask for that right because I don't believe in giving sneak-peaks of anyone's work is okay), is something that will NOT and should not be tolerated!

I have different 'styles' of beta-reading, most of which will depend on the author preference. I can communicate directly with the author as I look over the work - via IM usually, we could use either the document program on this site, Gdocs/drive is also a great way to do editing, or I can read over things and send corrections via email. The corrections will either be added into the actual work with color text to show the changes, lines can be marked with color with corrections/changes at the bottom, or in parentheses; I will make a notation of the changes that should be made or suggestions of changes/phrasing/etc.

I look over spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, etc - I do also offer suggestions for better 'flow' in the wording of things as I find it is something myself and all other authors sometimes skip over in our 'writing moods'.

I will say now, and forgive me if this seems offensive, that I will not write the story for you - meaning I refuse to tell you what 'should' happen, or to do this or that, etc. The stories you create are just that- YOUR creations, and you should take pride in that and feel free to express yourself! However, I am more than willing to offer suggestions, to be a sounding board for your ideas, and will attempt to do anything I can to help with writers block and such. (I know from experience that just having someone listen to my list of ideas and what not was a nice change of pace and usually got me back on the right track.)

Please be advised that I will be placing each story onto a G-drive document for back-up and emailing a copy to a specified email account for another back up. This way you will always have a copy - and so will I - in case anything happens to either of our files. (Backing up files is my way of life after my last computer died and took my stories with it! Back up those files people!) At any time you should need I will provide the files to you - be it because you lost yours, you are retracting your story from the online area, or have decided to no longer use my services. I will never refuse you the files because they are rightfully yours and I believe fully in the rights of the author. This also means that should you no longer need my services I will remove the files from my possession by deleting them, so you know that I will never try to use any part of your work.

I don’t mind helping research - both for my benefits and needs as the beta but also to help out the author I am working with.; be it finding dates for a chapter or plot outline (wars, etc) to another word to replace one that's been used far too many times. Please feel free to ask me for help if needed because that is what I am here for and what I enjoy doing for others.

I do NOT tolerate plagiarism in any form, being an author myself, and I will take the appropriate actions for any plagiarism I find if the one doing so does not remove the plagiarized material. Please understand that this is very offensive action and that at all times we as a community of writers should respect each other and leave the work of others alone and use our own works.

I understand that scheduling conflicts will happen and I can say now, that it's alright. I will endeavor to be available whenever is convenient, but I do ask that respect for my time is taken into account - I am a wife, a fan-fic author, aspiring author for original works, and currently employed full-time. I will be available most days of the week and if I will be gone I will do my best to give at least a week or more notice so that arrangements can be made.

You do not have to give me special thanks or praise in your stories/notes/etc if you don't want to; it's not something that I will demand of you - if you do, great, and if you don't, well that's alright as well; I understand that sometimes adding more to the posting files can cause issues and take time away from other things.

I will provide my personal email address that is checked daily for you to contact me if you prefer to use that form of communication.

If you would like to get a sense of my writing style feel free to look over my posted stories. (PLEASE NOTE that All My Love is my most current story.)

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
My strengths aren't award winning, but I think they're pretty nice!

1. Spelling/Grammar

2. Sentence structure/word flow

3. Relationship dynamics (romantic, friendship, etc)

4. Description

5. Open mindedness (Points of view, understanding of cultures, sexuality, mental states, religious beliefs, etc)

6. A decently sized vocabulary

7. Definitions of words checking

8. Spell checking (Both via a writing program and my own eyes)

9. Understanding of Characters and how to build upon them

10. Creating and placing Original Characters (this is a double edged sword type of deal)

There are all things that I pride in as an author and beta-reader and I strive to apply these to all works I view. I will do my best to use them to aid anyone I work with.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I have a strong love of commas. They're just so darn spiffy! Alas, I am working on being less of a comma Queen.

I will admit to sometimes reading over a word but it is less frequent now since I've started the practice of triple-reading over things!

I am always striving to overcome my weaknesses so that I may help in any way I am able and to provide the best service as a beta-reader as I can.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I enjoy a very wide range of stories with a multitude of mixed genres.

I love beta-reading all types of pairings: Male/Female, Female/Female, Male/Male, Female/Male/Female, and so on and so forth. Stories that have more than one sexual orientation are fun I think, since it's a more realistic quality!

I would like to note that I accept lemon fan fics, though serious and otherwise fan-fics are also welcome!

I enjoy working with those writers who are new and those who are already 'veterans' to the fan fiction writing community. If you are new and looking for a way to ease into the community with someone with experience to help you along, I would love to offer my assistance! (I know I'm not super-fantastic-awesome author woman, as nice as that would be, but I've been around for a while!)

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I tend not to enjoy Science-fiction or Westerns when it comes to genre, and have only very rarely found stories in those genres that I enjoy. I also dislike stories that are entirely angst. I can enjoy some angst throw into a story - everyone has to have some bad days after all - but a constant story of 'woe is me, etc'...I just can't enjoy it enough to attempt reading it, let alone doing beta-work for such a story.

As I said above I am open to different life styles but I am strongly against pedophilia - I understand some stories may have molestation, etc, and I can deal with that but I will not beta anything that has a minor willingly engaging in sex with someone of or above legal age.

I would rather not beta-read stories that are written very poorly - ex: "C U later," she said, walking away w/o waiting for an ansur. (Things like that drive me up the wall. If you honestly have horrid grammar then I am willing to work with you to help, but it is an insult to yourself and others to post work that is not written properly.)

Beta-reading for someone writing an sexual (explicit or not) story who is not of legal age to access such material. Please keep in mind I can get in trouble for this if parents/guardians find me 'providing' such materials to anyone who is considered a minor. It doesn't matter if you wrote it or not - it's still illegal!

Thank you for taking all of this into consideration when reading over this profile.

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