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Author has written 8 stories | Divergent Trilogy, and Hunger Games.
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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
Hi, I'm Kellie! I'm obsessed with the Divergent Trilogy and Hunger games but I love most YA fiction. I love betaing and have done it multiple times for various authors. I am a grammar freak and I will be critical but don't take it personally because I will only be trying to make your story better. I will also help you get back on track if I feel a character is OOC, if you need any help whatsoever on sentence structure, or if you just need a second eye on your masterpiece.
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I like to think that one of my strengths for writing and betaing is getting inside a charater's head and seeing if that is OOC or not. Like for example: Would Katniss run inside a closet instead of fighting for freedom? No. I'm good at foreshadowing and analogizes. I am also good at intense love scenes and intense fighting scenes between people. Another one of my strong points is description of places, things, people, ect.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
As a beta reader, the main weakness I have is getting too into the story sometimes and missing mistakes. But I always double check my work with Word so we should be good to go there! As a writer, one of weakness I have are sticking to a character's personality when they can be so unpredictable. For example: Tobias from Divergent. He's so rough but yet he still cares a lot for Tris and I have a hard time putting those two together. I guess I kind of want to make him into someone totally different but that is just the writer in me talking and it wouldn't be fair of me to morph him into someone we hardly know. I don't know what else to add to this honestly! I'm far from perfect in my writing but it's past midnight right now and I'm pretty sure my brain is shutting down for the night as we speak.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I'd prefer anything by the Hunger games, Divergent, Chemical garden series, delirium, The Host, The Selection, and/or before I fall. I'd prefer the couples to be Trobias or Everlark but I just finished reading Unexpected which is a Gadge story and gosh I was totally blown away! I love them now! I like them not to have too many f bombs or swearing. Very slight swearing is alright with me. They can any age from K to mature it doesn't matter but I do prefer teen.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I would not like to read anything I have not read yet and do not care to read like (some of you are going to hate me for this) the Harry Potter series, cartoons, anime, mortal interments, and (expecially) Twilight. I also don't like reading about Cato/katniss or Tobias/? Peeta/Gale or just people who don't belong together. Oh and I would like to read in english and people who have fluency in the language. I do not like hardcore swearing! Cannot stress that enough! And lemons are a no no. They tend to get a little too graphic. And I hate hate hate all fluff. There needs to be at least one problem in the relationship.
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