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Author has written 28 stories | Resident Evil, Magic: The Gathering, Prototype, Teen Titans, Transformers, Misc. Books, Assassin's Creed, Star Wars, and RWBY.
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Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
Hello, if you aren't aware of who I am or read my profile, I'm Nilion, or Saph. I've been writing for several years, honing a lot of different things to get better at being a writer myself. I'll admit I'm flawed, so I don't strive for perfection; I strive to make stories interesting, fun or silly. I was an active Roleplayer on Gaiaonline, so writing has been a passionate hobby of mine.

I just want to use what I have learned to help others do their very best. To meet new people and share new experiences with those around me, to be a part of something big. I want to help create happiness and writing is one way I can do that and helping others, to bring a smile to their faces.

So to conclude this, I'd like to thank everyone for writing such lovely stories, the ones that I've read and haven't read yet. I see a lot of talent out there and it impressed me. So many gifted people all around.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Repetition- Best to avoid as much as possible.

Spelling- Spelling is super important to the flow of a story in terms of appearance.

Grammar- Equally as important as spelling, it keeps things accurate in terms of usage to words.

Plot- A plot has to connect. It can be general, such as a murder case. Finding out who killed who, why, with what, and when. Or it can be subtle, like.. spotting a bracelet on a dead woman you stumble upon.. and then when you arrive at the cop station and you see that same bracelet on another woman.. In the sense of the bracelets, it could mean like.. a man's victims are women with that particular bracelet. Get what I'm saying? Or it can be very common, such as following a plan from A to Z, if that makes any sense.

Punctuation- Without this you have run-ons! They are kinda bad. We do not want one long sentence that makes literally no sense because all the words are connecting with no punctuation. You also need it for contractions like don't, haven't, you're, etc. Some also use ' for a character's thoughts. And the most common is " for talking.. and .'s for a sentence ending. Don't forget ,'s. They are also very important.

Realistic/Fantasy- What I mean when I say "realistic/fantasy" is basically like.. Try to make things believable. Like.. say two of your characters are walking towards each other. They are about a football field's length away from each other. Suddenly, the guy on the left is squashed by a stadium-stand (those bench things that are typically found at games like football and whatnot). Ok, first off.. how did he get squashed? How did the stand suddenly get from destination A to B. To be better, the guy on the right could have used some crazy powers like object manipulation (something like the Force, for example) and lifted the stand and moved it over the guy on the left and then dropped it on him. You got to have details. They are important.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Vocabulary- I'm used to using a lot of simple words and a few occasional bigger word, but I'm constantly working on learning more.

Motivation- Comes and goes.

Writer's Block- Similar to Motivation.

Finishing- It's hard for me to wrap up a story cause sometimes it's hard to fit the last pieces in for the puzzle you've created, while bridging all the holes in the plot/characters/story.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Action, horror, mystery, suspense or drama. I like stories that make you think.. Y'know, like.. trying to figure out the murderer out of a group of 20 people who all seem innocent. It's interesting to me. I guess you could say general, but I like stories with things going on.

I don't want to read about someone staring at a wall for 3 days. No thanks. I like movement, action, a good laugh, a good cry (though I've only seen.. maybe.. 2 fanfic's that have actually made me shed a tear, which surprised me).

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
There are a few things I strongly dislike. Too much romance and too much depression. I don't want to read about someone being completely down in the dumps for months. That will most likely ruin my usually happy mood.. and too much romance is just crazy, to me. I don't want to read about a couple playing around with each other. It's ok for y'know.. holding hands, a kiss. But if clothes come off, I'm out.

I also dislike spiritual, or very religious ones. I mean, don't get me wrong, religious is a very curious topic, but I have my views and you all have yours. I don't even really want to read about it in large quantities.

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