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Author has written 9 stories | Teen Titans, and Kingdom Hearts.
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I am an avid reader. I started reading the Harry potter books in second grade, and finished! During that time there were only the first four out. So believe me when I say I WILL get to your work. I'll probably read it two more times if it's well written and THEN and only then will I give out notes to the waiting authors. The process will only take a few days to two weeks at most, unless I'm on vacation because of pressing issues.

I expect anyone to uphold dignity with their writing. I also would like the person to know and give me a general idea in which way their writing will point to with character relationships, interaction, relatively clear dialog, and general plot direction etc... I'm an aspiring author and have posted on here myself as well. I'm also working on a dozen other projects at once and am very thorough with my work... as I will be with any others presented to me. But I will only be too busy to read requested works when I'm on vacation.

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I'd appriciate it if there are fluffy moments in any romance you might have going for a story. The fluff is only prefrable to most yuri relationships though because it just makes it plain adorable.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Character description and interaction is VERY important for any story, if left unchecked the character assumes its base appearance and actions from whatever fandom its from. Moderate at spelling and grammar; most programs have spell check these days... why not utilize that resource? Great at judging weather AU is taking it too far and should be a crossover instead.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Lack of variety I suppose. I know so much about only a few universes. Most likely you'll know more about the characters from MOST Final Fantasys than I do. The only one I was able to complete was FF1 and Dirge of Cerberus. I have played parts of numerous others in the FF series; half of XII and XIII. Cannot give good advice on most situations that involve a series I've never heard of or haven't read, watched, etc... And can not give good advice on citrus like content because I have not written on myself. Bad at giving advice on straight relationships I don't think would work out.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I would prefer almost anything within the verses or fandoms that I'm familiar with. I willing to try new types of reading as long as it is within my comfort zone. (which is pretty huge by the way) I'm pretty open minded about most stuff and will try to advise to the best of my ability. My preferrances lean towards school drama with some hero action involved as well as straight or yuri romance thrown in the mix with pretty much any genre. Adventure Would be the route I take, but I'll take whatever you can give me

If you'd write romance in your story then sixty percent of the time I would prefer to read yuri material than straight. This is not because I'm a gut, it's because yuri relationships are just plain adorable and so fun to read. Sure I would read a straight pairing (if I approve of the pairing) but MOST of the time it would not grab my attention of a good, awkward, cute, yuri relationship.

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I will NOT do yaoi. I'm a guy first off. And secondly, straighter than a lead pipe. I have nothing against yaoi, and I'll even read a short soft moment if they are an additional couple in an interesting story, but I can't advise on yaoi. If you want I could give hilarious situations for it, but I can't advise on a yaoi romance. I also can't give good pointers on extremely dark stories; sometimes I go to far and my suggestions would give people goose bumbs and nightmares for a few days.

I will not do any stories if pairings I don't think will work. Such as RobinxRaven or FlashxJinx or BBXRaven. Getting the picture? I also will not approve of a story if it revolves around lemons or smut. If a story DOES have lemons or smut in it, then I'd prefer if it had a plot of some kind to revolve around. The exception to this would be oneshots.

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