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Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I'm not that sure how a beta profile works, ack. Myself as a beta-reader would be to basically be a writing sim slash chatbox slash forum for you. I will pretty much devote all my time to you until a story is done, and will take on/focus on less than two authors at a time until a fic is completed! I can't claim to be a perfect writer myself, and I am also still learning. (From you too, definitely.) I follow the british way of writing things, which means I sometimes put 'u's behind 'o's, and write fries instead of chips. It's an easy enough thing to change, so this is just a memo! I've had little to no experience in beta-reading, but that just means I will try twice as hard. I would discuss ideas with you, follow you through our process, correct major mistakes (plotholes) firstly, and following up with the minor editing(language wise!). My only criteria is to be friends, be invested, dedicated, and love writing! Also preferably a similar time zone so we can talk easy. c:
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I have a whimsical kind of writing, (whether that is a strength or not is still up for rebuttal), where characters wish for things to happen, and they either do or they don't. Very straightforward, but many a time also very very not. My diction needs working on, but I'd like to say it's still part of the okay-est things in my writing. I can read any length of a story, give and take a couple hours, maybe, but I will read everything you can throw at me, even if it's not going to be part of the story! I have an eye for grammar and spelling mistakes for works apart from my own, unfortunately. I write best in present tense, and in second or third person. Oneshots are a favourite of mine, because telling an entire story in one single chapter means that you focus on the minuscule things, the important minute things, and people will remember. People will remember you. Literary elements like metaphors are probably my strongest suit. I will gladly make friends with you, and add you on everything; skype, snapchat, tumblr, and twitter. I will hardly be uncontactable if you have my email, but this is just a precaution!
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I tend to use too many commas and semicolons, and run on sentences myself. Sometimes I miss the big picture by focusing on the little things, and sometimes I neglect plot for character development. Which boils to down the fact that i don't often have specific details in mind as I write. I just know what happens in the beginning and the end, and the middle spins itself as I go. I might not be able to critique anyone as harshly as they might want, but I would love to do here is to discuss instead; ideas and plots, prompts and the like, tips for improvement, favourite movie/book quotes, inspirations, stream a movie or two to perhaps get you out of a slump. I am a teenager, so I worry about writing of the adult life. I don't know how taxes or leases or rebates work exactly, which is why i steer clear of those. I am terrible at long overly complicated plots (mainly because I forget what is actually happening) but tying up loose ends and giving major cliffhangers I can handle. The way I write is usually vague and specific, or descriptive and loose all at once, and probably can't cater to every type of story. First person stories are something I am definitely not perfect at yet, because I cannot grasp the innards and workings of one specific person enough to keep them in character 24/7. (If you can, though, we would work perfect together.)
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I love long oneshots with characters pining. Lots of angst. Lots of frustration. Lots of pining. Lots of tension. Lots of hilarious side plots/characters. Lots of happy endings.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Self-inserts, sorry!
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