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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I'm a rather reserved person in real life, so this whole beta thing is still very new to me. But I'd love to get to know some of the other writers and readers out there, even if it's just to chat! And I've done a bit of beta work before.

I've been reading for ages, but have only recently dipped my toes into actual writing. I guess I was always really paranoid that I would butcher my favourite characters. But I gave writing a try, and, what do you know, it's fun! This beta profile is very rough, and I'll likely make a lot more changes as I start to write more and get a better grasp of my own strengths and weaknesses as a writer.

Beta-reading sounds like it could be fun, so if you have something short, or something that matches my preferences (listed below), I'd love to give it a go! I'm not too busy right now, so I should be able to get back to you in a day. And in return, it'd be great if you could take a look at a few of my ideas as well. :)

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I've always been a voracious reader. When I was young, I would burn through a 400-page novel practically every day. So, uh, hopefully that didn't sound like bragging, but rather an illustration of the fact that I'm pretty darn good with spelling, punctuation, grammar, writing conventions, characterization...etc. And after consuming so much literature, I feel like I've developed a bit of a natural instinct for some things. (I hope that doesn't sound too pretentious!)

Since I've never really done this before, I can't actually be sure, but I think I'm pretty good at nitpicking plot details or OOCness (I do that all the time in my head when reading, anyways).

I can be very thorough in my editing once I get into the mindset, though it does take time. I've done some editing for friends' stories, and English class was always my favourite!

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I've only recently started writing myself, so even though I've read a ton, I'm still a newbie.

This also means I'm not completely sure what my weaknesses are. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say I'm not so good with romance, action scenes, and deep emotion. Frankly, the best way for you to get a feel of my strengths and weaknesses would be to just check out my stories, and judge for yourself.

I'm also a bit hesitant with making criticism on others' works at first (being kind of a soft-spoken person), but if you give me permission, then no holds barred- I can go all-out on your fic!

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Currently, I'm really into Naruto. My preferred genres are adventure, drama, humour, family, and friendship. Maybe a bit of angst- just enough to add in some feels and to get me a sniffle or two, but not enough to make me feel like life is hopeless and happiness is dead.

I absolutely love time travel as a trope, and have a soft spot for anti-heroes and villains like Loki, Tom Riddle, Obito, and Madara.

I'm fine with all pairings, but with the Naruto fandom, I'd rather the pairing *isn't* the center focus of the fic. For some reason, I just get bored by that, sorry.

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Sorry, but I can't do smut. At all. In general, I don't really like romance (if it's the main focus), slice-of-life, or intense angsting. But I'll still try! For some fandoms, I actually enjoy it- for example, romance/humour in the Hetalia fandom. But here, I'm mostly just talking about the Naruto fandom.

My pet peeves in stories are character bashing and edgy/OP/"dark"/"smart" characters (which to me just sort of come off as OOC and self-inserty, particularly when it's Naruto). I also don't read omegaverse, mpreg, forced marriage, or harem stories. At all. To me, they're just out-of-character, unrealistic, or uncomfortable to read. (But this is just personal opinion, so I hope I didn't offend anyone.)

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