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since: 12-28-03, id: 510381
Author has written 155 stories | Batman, Nightwing, DC Superheroes, Robin, Teen Titans, Will of the Empress, Protector of the Small Quartet, Dark is Rising Sequence, Chronicles of Narnia, Birds Of Prey, Circle of Magic, Justice League, Facts of Life, Daredevil, Once Upon a Time, Daredevil, Dungeons and Dragons, Ella Enchanted, Spider-Man, Anne of Green Gables series, and A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.
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I currently beta Tamora Pierce, Daredevil, Batman and Nightwing fanfiction. I'm willing to look at other fandoms, but please understand that I might not know the characters or the continuity, and thus will not be able to catch canon

I prefer genfic but will read non-graphic (T-rated or lower) het or slash so long as it's an element within the story and not the main br /

Until December of 2011, I color-coded my edits as follows:

Red: spelling and grammar issues

Blue: Research, OOC, style

Green: Think of it as a soft blue. As in 'what you have is okay. I really think that this would be better, but you aren't wrong'

Purple: You nailed it. Don't change this, it's perfect!

After taking a technical editing class, I've decided to use Word's Automatic Text Markup instead. If you would prefer the color-coding, please let me know via PM, and I will beta accordingly.

I can be very blunt sometimes. If you like to write description-heavy, heavily detailed prose, we may not be the best fit. I have a tendency to trim that. (If you DO write it, but you want to change, let's talk.)

I have a low tolerance for blatant racism/sexism/homophobia, slurs etc. I can miss subtleties unless someone points them out to me, but it's fair to say that 'if I can spot them, I will call you out on them'. (Note: If the racism etc is a character shortcoming, carry on. If you're ficcing 12 Years A Slave, I'd be a little concerned if the racism WASN'T depicted!)

I've had training as an editor, but I'm not working professionally in the field.

Also, please research. If a major part of the story can't happen a certain way because (example:) police procedure doesn't work like that, if I can turn that up in a Google search, I will tell you. If you need directions to online lists and communities that can help, let me know. I've got many!

Please either send me your story in Word 2007, paste it into an email, or upload to Google docs. Those are the formats I know I can open!

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Spelling, grammar, punctuation, canon & characterization, clarity, concision
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Smut. I'm a prude, I'm sorry. Het-smut, slash-smut, I'm just not good with it.

I'm working on correcting this, but sometimes I'm more hands-on than some writers would like. In other words, if something isn't working, my first instinct is to rewrite it. If I mess up and do this when you'd rather I didn't, I apologize in advance for any offense. You will receive your draft back with the MS Word track changes mark-up, so feel free to reject any changes you disagree with.

Also, I'm Canadian but read a lot of English books from all over. This means that I may not always spot spelling inconsistencies (Canadian vs US). I'm pretty good at catching words that are spelled 'wrong'. It's just when there's more than one 'right' spelling, I may slip.

I tend to err on the side of caution with punctuation-meaning that I have been known to insert unnecessary commas 'just in case'.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Genfic, drama, comedy, epic, h/c, angst
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
No PWP, please. Also nothing with a strong missionary vibe. If a certain character is religious, and if it's in-character for him/her to preach, that's fine. Explore a character's religious background/have a character pray during a crisis? No problem whatsoever. I'm talking about stories that are thinly disguised religious tracts with everyone going badly out of character in order to make a point. Also, there are exceptions, but in general I prefer not to read stories where the writer is TRYING to make heavy use of symbolism, existentialism, or purple prose.
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Book 39 Clues
Book A Little Princess
Book A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
Book A Wrinkle in Time Trilogy
Book Agency, Y.S. Lee
Book Ann Rinaldi
Book Anne of Green Gables series
Book Ashbury/Brookfield series, Jaclyn Moriarty
Comic Avengers Academy
Book Bar Code Tattoo
Comic Batman
Book Beka Cooper series
Book Belgariad/Mallorean series
Book Charlotte's Web
Book Chronicles of Narnia
Book Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica
Book Circle of Magic
Book Circle Opens
Tv Daredevil
Comic Daredevil
Book Dark is Rising Sequence
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Book Ellie Chronicles
Book Hunger Games
Book Immortals, Tamora Pierce
Tv Muppet Show
Comic Nightwing
Book Protector of the Small Quartet
Comic Robin
Book Silverwing
Book Song of the Lioness
Book The Tomorrow series
Book Trickster series
Book Two Princesses of Bamarre
Book Witch of Blackbird Pond
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