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Author has written 8 stories | Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Criminal Minds, Firefly, and Flashpoint.
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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
As I beta-reader, I am happy to work on stories at any stage in the writing process from planning to proof-reading. I personally tend to be a fairly emotional writer and understand the level of attachment that can go into writing. While I fully respect everyone's feelings about a story, I also recognize that it can be hard to critique your own work. Unless asked, I won't do too much fiddling with plot but rather work on structure and cosmetics. Your story should be as much your story as you want it to be and without any glaring plot holes I'm happy to leave it up to you. As a law student, I have been reading and writing since I was in middle school, when I began my major story on here which I continued to work on throughout high school. Looking back at my old work it is truly astonishing to see how far I've come as a writer. College doesn't leave me with much time for working on my own stories anymore, so I'd be happy to play a backseat role in someone else's inspiration.

I would ask that any writer I work with be open to my suggestions and remember that I want his or her story to succeed as much as they do. There may be some time lapse in answering messages or getting chapters back. As busy as I thought I was in law school, studying for the bar exam is actually worse. I may have a more flexible schedule, but my health isn't what it used to be. I can't promise that my energy levels will hold up for a full day of studying and beta-ing at night. If you're willing to work with that, we can try to set up a schedule that works for us both!

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
As a trained former writing consultant in college, my strengths are mostly in helping people to improve their own writing. With me you'll receive feedback on the way you structure your story, integrate dialogue, transition between sections, etc. If you like having someone to bounce ideas off of, it's one of my favorite steps in the writing process. I also excel at grammar and find myself beyond distracted when reading stories in which a common mistake is made over and over. You can rest assured that will not be the case in your stories. My goal would be an overall improvement in your own writing until I became little more than an editor.

I can offer long lists of do's and don't's I've discovered as both a frequent reader of fanfic and an occasional writer of stories. My quirky sense of humor can also promise fun beta notes for you as well as someone as dedicated to your work as you are. Honesty is something I pride myself on and I will tell you if a story is just not working out the way you hope it will - but I can also promise that I will be kind about it.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
My greatest weakness as a beta is probably my refusal to check whether or not a story is in character or if it conflicts with the original storylines. I have no problem helping to maintain continuity within a story, but unless something jumps out at me that I already have knowledge of in my head I won't be pointing out those things or do extra research to find out. I simply don't have the time or inclination.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
My greatest preference to read and write includes romances and parodies. These are the stories I would be of most assistance with as a beta. I am always happy to do M rated pieces because I strongly believe they need betas too, preferably ones who are over 18 (I am). I'll do almost any type of pairing unless I really really just don't like the characters together, which I would tell you up front. Otherwise, there's really no shock value here - I've already read it all!
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
As I'm now enjoying my time out of my teenage years, I would prefer not to work with tragedies or angst genres unless you can give me a signed contract that promises a happy ending. Deaths of beloved characters are a no-no. Really major AU is also a don't. I don't mind changing the scenarios within a given universe (i.e. two characters are no longer in a relationship, a relationship beginning between desperately unlikely characters) but I won't go out of the universe entirely unless it's a conscious parody (i.e. no sending all the characters to high school unless you want to poke fun at extremely improbable situations).

ADDENDUM: I will now accept AUs on a case by case basis. I've read some really incredible ones in the last few years, and if I think you've stumbled upon a great concept, I'm with you. Just please don't be offended if I'm not on board. If I wouldn't read it as a story, I'm probably going to have a lot of trouble being the kind of editor you need.

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