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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader

(1.) If I find a plot hole or inconsistency—or just plain anything confusing—DO NOT tell me to ignore it and keep going. If it doesn’t make sense to me, chances are it won’t make sense to many of your readers—and if you don’t care about that. . .you really have no business publishing here.

(2.) I delete things for a reason. If you don’t understand, feel free to ask, and I’ll clarify. It’s generally because the text was unnecessary, or you’ve written the same thing before. Disregarding my changes makes me a very unhappy camper.

(3.) I have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. If something about your story is convenient or ridiculous, then I’m apt to use it in order to point that out.

(4.) I am brutally honest. If you ask for my opinion, by God you’re going to get it!

I prefer working over Instant Messenger (Skype, AIM, or Yahoo) or Google Docs—this allows me to discuss the story with its author in Real Time; improves my mood; and gives me considerable motivation not to procrastinate.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I’m a walking Spell Check; I have above-average grammar and punctuation skills, and can spell almost any word in the English language (even if I have to write some of them down first).

After that, my most pronounced strength is flow—deleting a few words, rephrasing others, cutting a sentence from the bottom of a paragraph and pasting it at the top. . .until the result sounds natural.

I’ve learned quite a bit from my own betas (and collection of How-To writing books) about Showing and Telling, and recognizing extraneous information.

I’m good with dialogue.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I tend to procrastinate when not engaged in an IM or Google Doc conversation with the author.

It’s winter in Hell when I come up with an idea for my own stories; I probably can’t tell you what should come next in yours. Nor am I the best person to ask about Passive vs. Active writing.

I’m not one-hundred percent sure what the function of semicolons is, and where you don’t use them.

I suck at fight scenes. I suck at romance scenes even more.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Dramatic, emotional stories (the more tragic, the better) that either don’t have a happy ending, or have -earned- one. By ‘earned’, I mean it isn’t handed to the character(s) on the silver platter; they must be put through the wringer first.

Stories that haven’t been done a million times. [Ex. A fresh perspective; a unique AU concept]


—POV of xenomorphs.

—Xenomorphs on Earth, or non-overpowered humans fighting them without interference from androids and yautjas.


—Lucy/Desmond; Deborah/Ratonhnhake:ton; Anne/Edward

—Stories about Desmond Miles (although him dying is almost certainly a deal-breaker).

—Modern Assassins, or Brotherhoods from other eras (especially Ezio’s).

—The First Civilization plays little to no role.

—Female Assassins. Hell yes!


—Mai/Zuko; Katara/Haru; Toph/Aang.

—Stories where the Season 3 finale, and-or ‘The Legend of Korra’ never happened.


—Beatrice/Albert; Beatrice/Uriah; Beatrice/Robert; Myra/Edward; Susan/Caleb.

—No such thing as Divergence. . .or its existence isn’t mentioned (at all).

—Stories about Amity, Candor, or Erudite.

—The Abnegation-Erudite war didn’t happen, Albert didn’t betray Beatrice; Robert Black, Susan Black, or Albert is the protagonist; (and-or) the antagonists aren’t Pure Evil.



—Stories about Tom Riddle, or American witches and wizards.


—Annie/Finnick; Katniss/Gale.

—POV of Careers, Capitalites, or residents of District 9.

—Katniss and Gale in the 74th Games, or Primrose being a tribute (and not falling in love with Cato).

—Stories that don’t mention District 13’s destruction (at all).


—Malon/Link; Zelda/Link.

—Ganondorf as the main antagonist.

—Ganondorf as the protagonist.

—Stories centered around the Gerudo.


—Bree/Diego; Bree/Fred; Isabella/Edward; Isabella/Jacob; Leah/Jacob; Lizzie/Jacob.

—Stories taking place in the ‘New Moon’ era.

—Isabella is a strong, independent character who doesn’t let the Cullens walk all over her.

—Jacob imprints on Isabella.

—Bree and-or Diego is alive.

—‘Breaking Dawn’ never happened.

—POV of OC vampires (preferably ones who feed on human blood).

—Edward and Isabella have a son, or multiple. (No Mary Sue daughters need apply.)


—Amy/OC; OC/Daryl.

—Amy, Andrea, Lori, Merle, and-or Sophia aren’t dead.

—The prison virus never happened.

—Judith is grown.

—Carl dies (preferably slowly and painfully).

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories

—No Incest. (Even accidental, such as when the couple don't know they're related.)

—No Slash or Femmeslash.

—No Limes or Lemons—nothing sexually explicit whatsoever.

—No Adult/Teen pairings—and by this, I of course mean a couple with a large age difference, not an 18 and 17-year-old. (Immortals don't count.)


—Rebecca/Desmond; Lucy/Shaun; OC/Altair; OC/Ezio; OC/Ratonhnhake:ton.

—Stories mentioning the Purge, Daniel Cross, or George W. Bush as a Templar plant and Al Gore as the Assassins' presidential candidate.

—The First Civilization playing a major role.

—Desmond dying in a situation other than an epic fight against Templars.


—Not-Toph/Aang; Not-Mai-or-Katara/Zuko.

—Stories involving "The Legend of Korra".



—Stories whose titles were thought up in thirty seconds or less.

—Divergents, or mentioning them in any way, shape, or form.

—Involvement (or mention) of the War on Abnegation. (Most pointless war in the history of pointless wars.)

—Stories set after "Divergent".

—Involvement of the Genetics Bureau. (Or is it the Bureau of Genetics? Ah, who gives a crap. . .)

—The factions don't exist, and-or the characters are in high school.

—Stories in which Beatrice and Tobias switch places, and she's Marcus's abused daughter, et cetera.

—Stories that introduce a female OC in an attempt to explain why Eric turned evil. (Because feminism sucks.)


—Hermione/Draco; Hermione/Harry; Hermione/Tom; Luna/Harry.

—The Canon characters move to, are transfer students to, or visit America.

—A transfer student comes to Hogwarts from -anywhere-.


—No Girls-Come-to-Camp-Green-Lake stories. Kthnx.


—Katniss/Peeta; Primrose/Cato; Not-Annie/Finnick; Not-His-District-12-Girlfriend/Haymitch.

—Mention of the destruction of District 13, and-or their nuclear weapons industry.

—Anyone from District 1 or 2 thinks there's a possibility of them being reaped -and- going into the arena.

—This year's Career tributes are simply the first ones to say, "I volunteer as tribute."

—Involvement of a Katniss clone who hunts and-or trains illegally.

—Tributes are given powers.

—Tributes are brought back to life/were never actually dead.


—Zelda/Ganondorf; Saria/Link; Navi/Link; Epona/Link.

—Sheik as a separate person from Zelda.

—Not based on OOT and MM. (No offense toward the other games—I just don't know them well enough.)


—Chell/Wheatley. No. No no no no no no NO! Ahem. . .


—Not-Isabella/Edward; Caius/Isabella; Alec/Isabella.

—The word 'Renesmee' or 'Nessie' isn't immediately followed by: 'was aborted'; 'was used as fireplace fuel'; 'was now the Volturis' personal football'.

—Isabella is abused by Charlie. . .and-or turns goth/emo. . .and-or self-harms. . .and-or joins a band under the name 'Izzy'.

—Isabella is Aro's daughter. . .and-or the "Volturi princess". . .and-or the most powerful vampire ever.

—Isabella doesn't have normal newborn instincts and bloodlust.

—Isabella is a half-human, half-supernatural hybrid.

—There is a race of supernatural beings aside from vampires and werewolves—i.e. witches, angels, etc.

—Edward leaves Isabella pregnant in "New Moon". . .and she lives.

—Victoria or Laurent change Isabella during "New Moon", simply because. . .she needs to be a vampire for the story to work.

—Involvement of a vampire hunter who isn't a werewolf.


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