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Author has written 6 stories | Big Time Rush, Winx Club, Glee, and Girl Meets World.
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Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
Hi I'm Tracy, so when it comes to helping people with their stories I am pretty good at it. Just to put it out there I am not saying that I am a professional and I am better than any of you that ask for my help because if I said that it would be a lie. If you do think I would be good you can check what I have already written. When you think that I could be a service to you please do not hesitate to email me or PM me. I will get back to you as soon as possible because I check my email multiple times in one day. I am still in high school and I am pretty busy, so I will have to make my beta decisions on the demands you send. My beta reading style will be something like this: I will read over you document and finding general weaknesses and errors that I can easily catch. Then I will go through it slowly this time and I will put my comments on the side. I will highlight or underline any words or phrases when I refer to them in my comments. I will highlight anything that I think you need to change and the changes that I made. Your document will come back to you with a lot of highlighting or underlining because when it comes to I have to make sure that everything is perfect, but I won't change it so much that it won't look like you writing. Even though I will point out what I think might be wrong it is up to you if you want to change , but if it is technical errors then you should probably listen to me (just saying). Also if you think that I am wrong please tell me because I love it when people challenge me and that is kind of what I live for when it comes to that. Important: I usually work alone and I don't like writing with other people at all. You can change anything that I corrected because it is your story, but don't let someone else take over when you already asked me to help.
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Dialogue. I am great at making it sound like it is something a real person would say and not make it sound something so far fetched to the point where you're not sure that someone is actually saying it. Punctuation and Format. I pretty good at this, teachers in the past have commented me on my skills. Like when it comes to the little things when writing dialogue to whether to use a comma or semicolon. Also when it comes to formatting paragraphs in my writing I am excellent at that, but I do see great writer's that have potential not format their writing correctly and it sometimes messes up their hard work that they did. Spelling. Let's just say when it comes to spelling I am always correcting my friends and sometimes teachers when they spell something incorrectly. It must be a pet peeve of mine because I absolutely hate when people don't spell something correctly. Even Though most of you do use spell check (cheat: use it this will help a lot) I would not have to do a lot. I can still detect typos or if you use a homophone incorrectly and the dreaded overused like. Making the story believable. What I usually hate when I read a story is when something happens that isn't easy to believe. Sometimes I will do this myself, but hey I'm not perfect. I try to make a story believable and when I do a fanfiction and I try to follow a plot already made. Then you have to fit your oc in that the story is going along with the plot. Flow. Ok to be honest when it comes to my own work I suck. Yet I can detect when people don't have a good flow or a rocky transition. Commas. I am great when it comes to commas because I usually know where to place them. I can find out in someone's writing if they put the commas in the wrong place or if they have too many commas. When I do add/remove commas from someone's work I am mostly correct, but hey even sometimes some of the most smart people can be wrong about where you place commas or where to use commas. Description. From clothes to someone's room to a person's looks I am pretty good at giving descriptions. So hit me with a paragraph and be ready for me to help you with your descriptions.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Horror. Ask me to write a book, sure I'm you girl. Now ask me to write a horror story, I will look at you like you are crazy and laugh in your face. I love horror movies and books, but I suck when it comes to writing them. Vocabulary. To be honest my vocabulary is OK. Sometimes I will use big words, but those simple words that I am accustomed to I like to use more. When it does come to those simple words I use them I use them in a way as if the are those complex words that some people just assume that everyone knows. Speed. When it comes to writing I can sometimes be lazy/slow. Though when I am editing I do like to be thorough because most people like quality over speed.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I like romance, humor, friendship, or family stories because I just love the feeling I get from reading those. Yet I also love hurt/comfort. I work best with serious fanfictions like when it comes to Harry Potter because I know that series inside out. Though that doesn't mean I won't work hard on something like Kickin' It or something else I like. I am a total fangirl, I live for those moments in my favorite things in fanfiction like when the people I want to be together are together and other things like that work out. I'm am really open to all fics with any pairings, including same-sex because I absolutely love Klaine (please tell me someone knows what that is). Also I would not reject your fic just because you may pair a person with someone I believe that they don't belong with.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Let me just put this out there, if you put to many OCs into a book and let them overrun the book. Let's just say that I will not be happy camper because I hate when you put to many OCs in and then make them the main characters of the book. I absolutely can not write anything gory because let's just be honest I can watch and maybe read it, but write it and I'm done just can't do it. If you people just decide to write something for fun and you have no writing ability at all. I am going to reject you in a heartbeat because reading work by people who have no writing ability actually gives me a literal headache. I am not going to walk you through all of it because you should have known the basics before writing something. NO SCRIPT WRITING. If I see a book in script writing I will not, I mean I will NOT beta read it because I hate script write when it comes to book. If you want to use script write go write an actually script instead of writing a book because I will reject it once I see since again it will give me a headache. Poorly formatted fics. These hurt so much for me to read sometimes because there are no paragraphs. So when you go and try to edit the fic it is just a big block of text and for me it is just another headache that I don't want.
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