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I love Scandal. I have watched every episode since the pilot. HOWEVER, as of right this moment I have not watched the mid-season 5 finale. I will watch it just before S5b begins. SPOILERS DO NOT BOTHER ME. If I have not covered any question you might have here, by all means PM me. We can chat it out. I do not always leave a review on stories I read. If I have favorited/followed a story or an author, you can trust it is because I truly like the story or the authors style. My favorite/follow holds more value than my review on the story. And I really have something to say about a story I am more likely to PM the author. I have met some great people this way. I tend to read updates almost immediately, generally within 24 hrs of the update, but definitely within 3 days of posting; and in order of update date UNLESS THERE ARE MORE UPDATES THAN I CAN READ IN THAT TIME. Sometimes there are no updates, sometimes there are two updates, sometimes there are 20 in one weekend! When possible Beta-read requests would move ahead of the others, just so you can make your edits and post your story as quickly as possible. If I am beta-reading I am looking for spelling errors, proper word usage, and informal syntax (does the arrangement of your words convey the idea you are trying to get across to your reader or is it confusing?). Not every story needs to be an epic 120-chapter story. It is o'kay if your story is only a one-shot, or a fic-let.
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I feel most comfortable helping you with spelling, proper word choice, and choosing punctuation (even if it is not grammatically correct) that best helps convey the feeling or idea you are trying to get across to your reader. FanFiction is creative writing, not formal. If a publisher picks up your story then they can call the grammar police; my desire is for a smooth natural flow of thought and conversation between characters, and writer & reader. I can offer a critique of your story if you want, but this gets tricky because it is only personal opinion in the end. I can tell you why I don't like a particular point in your story, but I will not tell you how to change it. YOU ARE THE WRITER and I will not tell someone else how to write THEIR story. I can help you decide if your story has come to a natural and satisfying ending.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I personally am not creative enough to come up with story ideas. I can help with some continuity issues, and MAYBE what the potential outcomes are for a particular storyline. But don't ask me to tell you what to write next. I would not want to tell a writer how to write THEIR story.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Scandal stories. Prefer Olitz stories but am ok with some Mellitz (I'm not critical of this storyline) stories. I am comfortable with all story ratings. I recently realized that I don't hate si-fi or fantasy Olitz; I'm enjoying a story with a 'Twilight' sort of theme, as well as one set in the future (think Star Trek type stuff). So, bring it.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I can (and will) Beta read Olake stories without bias, but they are def not my cup of tea. Also, not a super-fan of gay/lesbian Fitz or Liv, but again, I can read without bias. I recently read a one-shot about Liv & Abby (gay) in a 3-way with Fitz (not gay)... I did not hate it! I'm not ok with racism (of any race), or domestic abuse.
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