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Author has written 4 stories | Dead or Alive, and Devil May Cry.
β : Angel Wolf is a registered beta reader and is currently accepting beta reading requests.
Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
Okay, so I used to be an English major working towards a Master's degree, but that ended a little while ago. Pursuing a phd in political science, whatever that nets me, perhaps I might also seek a law degree. Anyway, I've got three years of study under my belt and almost a decade of writing experience to back that up, both educational and personal. I'm a comprehensible Anthropologist, not an expert but i know enough. You'd be surprised how much that applies to a story sometimes. I'm nuts for the language so I can help out any which way you like. Don't hesitate to reach out by any means, discord or pm. It's all good. I make it a special point of responding within the day (at most, 2 or 3). I won't do email to exchange files, but if you got google docs, that'll work just fine too. Do be sure to let me know what way communicating will work best for you.

As a given, I expect to be credited for my work. I consider it disrespectful to be snubbed in this way and will be reluctant to help in the future. Call it vanity or call it pride, they're the same thing. I'd like the recognition and it's a nice compliment considering the effort I put in.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I have an excessive attention to detail. If grammar is wrong or words are missing, i know immediately. I've got a strong capability towards both rewriting and pointing out conceptual flaws, such as plot holes or a bad decision here and there. I consider it my job to tell you what's going wrong, so be prepared to take criticism. I'm quite attentive towards sentence structures, I prefer things that are easy to read.

I'm generally good about adapting to the tone of a story, if you'd like it to have a dark post-modern atmosphere, far be it from me to change that. One of the things I always strive for is to help you present a story that's not cheesy. I consider one my best strengths to be the intelligence of ideas. I seek to insure my clients that they release quality material that doesn't play to the lowest common denominator.

Dialogue. I love dialogue and formatting. I can make things flow like a river, or so i'm told. I've developed an approach to make it easier to read paragraphs and space out manuscripts pretty well, the thing won't look like a dumpster fire. I guarantee you a smart and balanced approach.

Action: I apparently do this really well, better than any other thing that I've tried my hand at. You want stylized action sequences in your writing but don't know how to write a fight scene, call me. You want hardcore violence and gore, I'm the guy. You want that intense edge to your work, that atmospheric quality, I do that better than most. I am your action-scene Priest.

Spelling. If anything, i can help you spell things properly. That being said, USE SPELLCHECK. That way i won't have to focus on it. But I can easily spot typos and incorrectly-used homophones anyway. For rewrites, I need to spend less time adding in what you forgot and more time reshaping what you already have, capiche?

Keeping character. I love consistency, and so I make a point of helping people reign in the characters they're writing for. Even if I am unfamiliar with the source material, I will research it to insure I am never changing anything too severely.

Plot. I can easily see flaws in the plot of a work, it enables me to strengthen the logic of a work, which is crucially important, even in the work of surrealism and other genres in which the point of the story is that logic does not apply. This is incorrect thinking. Logic is used to dictate how and why the logic itself is broken, in order to understand, you need someone who's capable of imbuing your plot and details with certain quality of credibility.

Procedure. I'll do what I can to mimic your style when doing edits and rewrites, but do be sure to understand the intention of changes I make. A single chapter must go through multiple runs of revision before being published to ensure maximum quality. This means one thing: Have some god damn patience. I know you want to post the chapter as soon as possible, but I don't care about that, my job isn't to help you complete a deadline, I'm here to help your quality, and quality takes time. Do not add a scene in after I have already edited the chapter without running it by me and letting me have a look to see it. This may seem controlling, but it is for the greater good of your story's quality, please be willing to listen about my procedure, or we're going to have conflict.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I will leave out words by accident, without even thinking. Yeah I know, kind of a contradiction with what I'm good at, it happens.

I'm also blunt about what you're doing wrong, so take the criticism fairly. I know I'm no angel with regards to temperament, but remember what you're getting into when you talk with me. This isn't a picnic where you can give me your story and then go off and take a break, be present and be aware that you're going to hear things you don't want to. That's the nature of criticism and editing, we need to address the problem, and that can't happen if you're worried about your feelings or "what you wrote originally." If you're not down for understanding what you're doing wrong, I'm not the guy you want.

Rarely, i'll forget to change pronouns.

I don't do pure smut very well. It falls under a style of romance that I kind of try not to go towards, so while I won't mind taking a smut story, I won't be very good at giving the sex any kind of direct punch, I try to overcorrect and go for an artistic erotic style that isn't very blunt about the subject matter, because I feel leaving the action to the imagination is itself an artistic choice. So, if that's not what you're after, show it to another beta.

Don't throw multiple chapters at me, I work one at a time and that's a good pace. More than that and I begin to procrastinate.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I'll take Action, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, or Supernatural. I might consider taking a romance, but it has to be above my expectations. I'm also versed in comedy, I can take a range from dry sarcastic wit all the way to a blunt, zany, dark-edged satire. I will accept tasteful erotica. I will even accept stories regarding taboo topics such as incest and child abuse, so long as the subject is treated with the gravitas that it deserves and is not cheapened for the sake of wish-fulfillment.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I will never do a slash fic. Sorry.

I despise author-inserts intensely.

Original characters are accepted under very, very limited circumstances.

Stories that involve random and nonsensical crossovers outside the categories for which they've been assigned.

If you have no comprehension of English, or give me something that looks formatted by an eight year old, I will undoubtedly reject your request. There's only so much I can do for you. If i read something that features a predictable romance or an idiotic insertion of an original character into a role that they don't belong in, dream on.

Tragedies. I have had far too many by now, and they always go the same way. The main character undergoes some edgelord-level personal losses. Not every story has to be a god damn Tragedy, people. Branch out. Use some of the other genres once in a while.

Get over the Hurt/Comfort thing. I refuse to take stories that are made purely for angst and dealing with other teenage emotions unless the main characters are teens. No offense, take it elsewhere.

DO NOT go into this thinking I will only revise grammar. If I see the need, my style will pertain also to improving characterization and plot. I'm not going to waste time arguing with you over weak plot details or character backgrounds if it can be done better. We need to evaluate why your story isn't getting much attention or isn't being well-reviewed. If you're one of those stubborn types who asks for help, then doesn't let anyone make suggestions or changes, just take that story walking with you. It's not my job to waste time fighting over the smallest, most-pointless detail.

I no longer accept stories where a character is reborn into a fictional universe as an established character or as an original character. I do not like these stories, therefore do not ask me to help you with them. I would rather sit and help you come up with a stronger original idea than rehash another stories concept with a tweaked version of the source material's plot.

I will hunt you down with a boxcutter if you don't use any of the edits I've spent time working on for you.

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