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Author has written 4 stories | Harry Potter, and Card Captor Sakura.
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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
Greeting, everyone! My name as far as all fanfiction-related subjects are concerned is Moony, and I've been active in the fanfiction community here and elsewhere for longer than I can count. I am, of course, a writer myself with a particular content interest in unexplored holes in canonical plot and/or logic, as well as works with a deeply dark, psychological, or biological nature. Stylistically, I have received praise for characterization and an expressive, unusual narration style-all of which gives me a unique background to my approach in regards to beta work. I have been a beta reader and English tutor both within and outside the fanfiction community for many years now. It is work that I love and that I find mutually beneficial both to myself and to the writers who graciously choose to work with me. More than once, I have found inspiration or motivation to write my own work from reading and engrossing myself in the universe presented to me by a writer for whom I was doing beta reading. It is a pleasant and ever-exciting relationship which I hope to extend to many more authors over the course of my time here.

As a reader, I am adept at picking out spelling and grammatical errors as well as instances of repetition of words or adjectives sometimes not mentioned by other readers. All of that, however, is probably something one could find in most of the beta readers on this site. What I would then consider my specialities are the ability to analyse overall flow of a piece, advanced uses of rhetoric and devices for effect, in-depth commentary on narration and characterization, my bilingual near-fluency, and my significant medical knowledge and personal experience.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
. Due to my family background, I am equally comfortable with editing in either British or America spelling and grammar conventions and

. I am moderately fluent in Japanese in addition to my native English, and avtually work as a volunteer fan translator as well as a beta reader. As such, I can translate, or correct translations for those who wish to include the language in their work. I am also capable of translating or providing alternate translations for quotes from an originally-Japanese work.

. I have had a lot of experience with revising and editing, having done both beta work and tutoring in English and Japanese. In addition, I am also the sole editor of my own work, which often includes chapters spanning some 20,000 words each.

. I am a premedical student with a background of a handful of years worked in the field of emergency medicine. As a result, I have a lot of medical knowledge, which I can apply to stories wherein a character might get injured. Both from field experience and from years of training, I know the human body and how it reacts when it's injured or ill, and thus can help people incorporate that into their work. In addition, I have also done work in fantasy genres creating rough models for biologically realistic human flight and the interrelation of 'magical energies' and physiology in terms of magic wielding individuals. Though not an expert, I have proven able to contemplate the problems of these powers and how they might relate to biological life on a molecular and sub-molecular level. This can help to add a sense of realism to a high-action

-Fandom Specific Strengths-

. To writers of CardCaptor Sakura, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VII, or Golden Sun fanfiction: I am extraordinary well-versed in both the Japanese versions as well as the English translations of your fandom's canon. In the case of the games, I've played all of them in Japanese, and in the case of FFVI and the Golden Sun series, I actually even played the games in Japanese first. In the case of Cardcaptor Sakura, I've actually done a fan translation of this work and I'm very familiar with it in both languages. One thing all these fandoms have in common is a history of poor translation and/or untranslated portions of the canon, both of which I am equipped, willing, and able to help with.

. FFVI writers: I have a copy of this game's setting data book, the Settei Shiryou Hen, and can translate/provide any information you might desire out of its pages.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
. Being a premedical honours student with an unrelated major and at a private, liberal arts college means I am often bogged down with school-work and may sometimes have a slow turnaround time when my school and work load become too heavy. This, however, is a thing that I try to warn my potential partners about on a story-to-story basis when they ask me to read for them.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I will beta happily read for many kinds of stories and am not particular to any genre or fandom category. Because my own work tends to walk on the side of the dark and the visceral, I do not have a problem with reading that sort of work and in fact enjoy it immensely. As a writer of more mature works, I am also not opposed to reading for any level of works that may fall beneath that blanket term. In terms of romance stories, I am naturally more inclined towards the preferred pairings I have listed on my profile page. However, I have done and am willing to do reading even for pairings and scenarios that are listed as not preferred. I purposefully only list myself as available beta for fandoms in which I would be ecstatic to work.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
In most cases, I will read most works, but I do have a few that I truly don't like, and as such, would probably not do my usual standard of revision however hard I may try. Generally speaking, I have no interest in stories that are author inserts, barely-disguised original fiction, heavy in plot-important original characters, or otherwise severely out of character or non-canonical. I may struggle in particular with stories whose character interpretation or romantic coupling flies squarely in the face of the established laws for the work's canonical universe.

I do have a couple of "no-TP"s however that I really and truly do not want to work with. These include most instances of Touya paired with Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura, at least in a canonical setting. AU works are perfectly fine. I have no problem with the pairing itself, merely the contradiction to canon it represents, and the way that tends to be handled in the fandom.

In the final fantasy fandoms, there are also a few more pairings that I would really rather not work with under most circumstances. These include Lightning x Hope from the FFXIII fandom, Locke x Terra from the VI fandom, and Vincent x Cloud from FFVII.

Legend of Korra fans: I absolutely will not, under any circumstances, beta read works whose main focus is a romantic relationship between Korra and Asami. I do apologize for this inconvenience. It isn't the fans or even the characters that I despise in this case, but rather I cannot bring myself to support what I feel was a poorly-written publicity stunt on the part of the show's creators. Canonical and other works that deal with the relationship but have a plot and/or focus other than romance are perfectly fine and welcomed. Korra x Mako x Asami as an OT3 is also fine. Again: my deepest apologies to the fandom.

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