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Author has written 9 stories | Teen Titans, Zoey 101, Naruto, and National Treasure.
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Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
"Let's eat Grandma!" or "Let's eat, Grandma!" Grammar saves lives.

I received an 89% on the Perfect Imagination beta reader test. My beta reading profile on PerfectImagination (the searchable directory of beta readers): http:/ / My accreditation certificate: http:/

I'm currently beta reading: http:/

I find it easier to do this whole beta reading thing through email. I've had bad experiences with the whole document sending thing. Plus, I check my email a lot. More than some people (me) check their Facebooks.

I use Microsoft Word 2007. I can use OpenOffice or Word Processor, if you'd prefer to send me stuff in that format.

I'm probably going to go through three or four revisions of your chapters. For example: you send me a chapter, I look over it and mark my changes (through Track Changes). Then I send the chapter back for you to update. Then you send the updated version back to me. If I find anything else wrong, I'll correct it and send it back. And so on and so forth. I just want your chapters to be as error free as possible before you post them.

If you want me to beta read a story that is under a fandom that you don't see under my preferences, message me anyway because maybe I've read it/seen it. I'll let you know if I think I know enough about the fandom to be able to help you out.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Grammar. I love correcting grammar. And spelling.

I took AP English Language and Composition (the non-fiction one) and AP English Literature and Composition (the poetry, Shakespeare, classic novels, and short stories one). I also took AP French if that helps at all. I'm taking Psychology 101 and Intro. to Sociology right now, so hopefully I'll be able to evaluate your dialogue and character interactions better.

I've been reading and writing fanfiction FOREVER (or at least since the date listed on my profile for when I joined). I know faux-pas. I know how to sound interesting and not like an idiot in your summary. I know what little things and conventions that many fanfiction writers use that you shouldn't because a REAL PUBLISHED author would never use those conventions. That will make your story unique. I know clich├ęs and how you can avoid them. You can have the most generic plot ever, but, with plot twists and unique-ness, you can make it the most interesting story ever.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I'm not too good at plot development. Or symbolism. I prefer to write what I want without trying to win a Book Award or something.

I can't say I'm good at kissing scenes either.

I've never written a mystery. Don't know how well I'd do if I tried. Probably not too well because I've never really read mystery novels.

I'm not a guy so I'm not the greatest with guys' point of views. I think it's a lot of fun to write in the opposite gender's perspective, though.

I suck at poetry. Just sayin'.

I WILL try my best to help you if you write any of that.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I like romances and humor. =]

Pairings I Enjoy:

Maximum Ride: Fax, onesided IggyxMax

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Percabeth

Hush, Hush: PatchxNora

InkHeart: FaridxMeggie

Ella Enchanted: CharxElla

Harry Potter: Dramione, Draary, RonxHermione, HarryxHermione

Naruto: SasuSaku

La Corda d'Oro: LenxKahoko, KajixKahoko, TsuchiraxKahoko

Aquarion: Apollvia

Spiral: AyumuxHiyono

Ghost Hunt: NaruxMai

Final Fantasy XII: Vaanelo

Teen Titans: RobStar, BbRae

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Lemons and limes. And Yuri or Girl-Slash/femme-slash. Shonen-ai (yaoi without the graphic content) is fine.

No songfics, please! They are against FanFiction policy. Maybe you should go and read the guidelines again. (Yes, I admit I wrote one a while ago, but I was naive and didn't know better. And now you know better.)

I hate poetry, but I've had to read and analyze and write papers on so many poems, so if you really need my help, fine. =D

I will not read any Harry Potter stories featuring Ginny. I hate her. I will not read any Aquarion stories featuring ReikaHong Lihua. I hate her. I will not read any FFXII stories featuring Ashe. I hate her. I will not read and Teen Titan stories featuring Terra. I hate her. I will not read any Percy Jackson stories featuring Rachel Elizabeth Dare. I hate her. I WILL read any stories featuring these character if she is being bashed.

Pairings I Refuse to Read (Thus, I will not beta read any stories with these pairings):

Naruto: SasuNaru, SasuIno

Final Fantasy XII: VaanxAshe, BaschxVaan

Teen Titans: RobRae, BBTerra

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Kataang, ZukoxMai

Maximum Ride: Niggy, Eggy

Aquarion: ApolloxReika

Gossip Girl: DanxSerena

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Language: English
Content Rating: Fiction K » M
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Cartoon Avatar: Last Airbender
Cartoon Ben 10
Cartoon Danny Phantom
Book Ella Enchanted
Game Final Fantasy XII
Anime Ghost Hunt
Book Gossip Girl
Book Harry Potter
Book Maximum Ride
Anime Naruto
Movie National Treasure
Book Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Movie Repo! The Genetic Opera
Anime Spiral
Cartoon Teen Titans
Book Twilight
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