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Author has written 2 stories | Disney, and DC Superheroes.
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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
As a beta-reader, it is my job to be the first one to give advice on any new fanfic that may pop up on the internet. Being that kind of reader, I must be the first one to actually read your fanfic, via PMS or links to the pointed document of the work you are writing on. My v erdict should be taken as a way to improve your chapter such that you won;t be receiving enough flames from the rest of your readers. I'm doing this because I want people in this site to improve and become better authors in the future. In my opinion, fanfiction is a common training ground for numerous aspiring writers who seek to create their own stories.

When I betaread, I a more or less critiquing your work as well as putting emphasis on some points I want to take note of. For example, if your story has a major plothole in it, then I will highlight that and hope that you could fix it. IF you think your fic is definitely not good enough, then I will take note of some of the things you should consider. My betareading of your chapter usually takes days to accomplish, mainly because I am critiquing it at the same time. Consider me your first reviewer for your story.

I expect that I would want to develop a close bond between the two of us, and if we could share ideas, then I would be glad to be your partner. The last partner I had suffered many issues, mainly because of circumstances related to her interest, which we then parted ways, hoping that no ultimatum will come out of any further conflict. Because of this, I will my best to critique your story carefully, and I might not try to develop an overemotional relationship or else I might be the cause of someone's misfortune. I do hope we could share a good time together in this site.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
As a betareader, I will carefully read your story, trying to get myself invested in the general themes the story will convey. I am a sincere betareader who wants to read at least a good story and would give advice to the reader. Although not all of my advice should be taken to heart 100%, it is crucial that my advice will be at least taken properly. If you don;t like my advice, I am not the one to blame. I will highlight some of the positive and negative elements of the story, and will not be carried away by demands.

My strengths as a betareader include a good analysis of the story, the characters, the plot, and the themes, as well as having access to the internet. The point is, I can access the database of certain elements (wikia is my partner here) and I will not regard myself to being spoiled by the research just as long as I get it right. To be honest, I dont; even watch some of the shows and simply rely on my research to prove something.

But ultimately, I excel and analysis of your story, grammar-checking, formatting, and Mary-Sue hunting. I would hope that your fanfics will be strongly presented to teh world as a masterpiece.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
As much as I don;t watch some of the series I betaread and rely on the internet, that might come off as a disadvantage. For one, I might not totally get the gist of what might happen in the story when I haven;t taken note of what truly happens in the canon. I am usually a busy person and that prolongs the time for betareading, due to homework, school, etc. Relying too much on research might come off rather quickly, but however, I do try my best to keep my facts on the right spot, since they are crucial to me reading the entire story.

My greatest weakness however, is bad stories. Even though I love critiquing bad stories, pointing out many flaws in their stories as well as their strengths, there are certain stories that will just simply outrage me. This includes poor formatting that makes the story too unreadable, a Mary Sue character that takes over the entire story for himself/herself, or the general lack of knowledge one might consider. But ultimately, the point is, I usually try to track more wrongs than right, and also, my emotions usually take the better of me. If you truly want to see how my rage could simply overwhelm an entire story, go see Atarya QueenOFEgypt and you will find a multitude of my rants.

If you don't want to make me angry, try to at least take my advice seriously. If there is a fandom I'm not familiar with, supply me with the CORRECT info in case wikia does not provide accurate information. Do not try to insert anything, ANYTHING, that will displease me. Overall, my weaknesses include the overlooking of flaws in a story, my general strictness, and the tendency of my emotions to overcome my formal reviewing.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
The most common stories that I would prefer to read are crossovers, though I do a little of normal fanfiction as well. Particularly, my interest inclines with a fast-paced plot that is eligible for a masterpiece work, a good execution, and many more points. Major types of stories I specialize in include Alternate Universes, Crisis Crossovers, and the like. If I find a story with an engaging plot that might catch my eye, I usually try to highlight the good parts while still maintaining the bad parts. This is a good way to prove my skills not only as a writer, but also as a reader.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Those that aren't my cup of tea include shipfics, romantic stories, and the like. That is because I am more oriented to the action and the exwecution of the plot. But this does not mean that I am against romance itself. The problem here is the general execution. People tend to know how to write a proper romance but instead come off as people who haven;t really experienced what it's like to love a person. To me, that is why most shipfic writers fail.

There are certain fan-specific plots that I will definitely not read. For example, in the Naruto World, I will definitely not read fics that have Naruto as the ONLY main character, barring everyone else. Naruto has a BUCKETLOAD of characters to choose from, and yet, you act lazy and simply use the main character without knowing that there will always be choices that are just as good (in fact, the Naruto fanfiction majority has stained my perception on Naruto's character that I would try to find someone that is NOT common in fics. I might be happy reading it if it features other characters). Another example would Kamen Rider. DEAR GOD, ALL OF THESE "Displaced Rider Fics" (if you don;t know what I'm talking about, this is when a person from another world, usually reality, with the addition of being a Rider geek, is placed into another world...with Rider powers. In fact, approximately 80% of all Rider fics are this (not exactly) and to me, they are magnets for Mary Sues and badly-written Self Inserts, and that just fuels my rage. There are other types of fics I will not read, so if you have ideas for one, send them to others...just not me...or else.

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