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Author has written 8 stories | Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Inuyasha.
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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I am a 17 year old high school graduate, with a strength in English (though I am going into an engineering program next year, go figure). I am very much concerned about proper grammar (Grammar-Nazi), though reading my older works probably would not show that. I have just begun a recent interest back into writing after a very toilsome year of high school. Thus, as a Beta, I am mostly concerned with the spelling, grammar, and overall sentence structure of works rather than the "big picture", unless there are very obvious holes. My schedule is somewhat packed, but I do love to sit back and edit when I have the time. Feel free to PM me for anything, from request fics (see list of works I am prepared to write about/beta-read for) to advice on plot development.

A few notes, since I have been asked these questions before:

I do not write partner fics as a general rule. I am terribly sorry about that if you saw something of mine and wanted to work with me on something. It's nothing against anyone, I just cannot be completely consistant on my workload, and editing is the only thing I can be sure to find time for. Also, there almost always is a gap in proficiency on partner fic writers, and either I would be the stupid one (which would make me feel bad), or I would end up spending forever editing the other's work in addition to my own. The only way this would work is if I know you in person, in which case you probably wouldn't be hearing about this here.

I do, however, take requests. However, be specific in what you want, otherwise I will purposefully take an alternate route to fulfill your requirements. For example, the story "Butterflies". It was a request for Yusuke and Kagome (Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha) meet up in college after being friends in high school. I wrote that as a time-paradox

If you would like to see a sampling of my recent writing, my newest story "Butterflies" catpures that nicely (it is in the Yu Yu Hakusho/Inuyasha universe). Or, you can PM me and I can send you a copy of my other works-in-progress. One of those is a Death Note/Yu Yu Hakusho crossover, while another is a Death Note/Angel story. Notice the pattern: crossovers are my forte, though I have written single-fandom stories.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I excel at the technical aspect of writing (as said above, grammar and spelling). Also, I am strong with descriptions and cutting down long passages. I use alot of commas, as well as the most misused and abused piece of punctuation: the colon. I prefer action verbs to passive verbs, though the latter has its place in certain circumstances. My manual on writing is "Eats Shoots and Leaves" by Lynne Truss, which I highly recommend to anyone struggling with grammar problems. Seriously, that book is a great help on how to maneuver the English language without sounding like an idiot. If you read it, you will never look at punctuation again.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
One word: dialogue. While I can do such frivolities as giving each character a separate diction, I cannot write dialouges well. I can edit them, however, and even give them personality. There is just something hard about writing dialogue without being super-repetitive, so if I beta-read for you, the conversations should be complete, so I only need to stylize them. When I write my own stuff (most of the new stuff is not posted yet due to certain plotholes that need to be filled, though I can provide those to anyone who asks), I tend to avoid conversations as much as possible until they are required for plot advancement.

To flesh this profile out, I suppose I have to add another weakness. I tend to concentrate so hard on a few small details that other ones just fall right through the cracks. By this, I mean that my orientation with small details can get in the way, causing me to ignore everything else that is going on and spend too much time fixing one mistake. For example, I may decide to rewrite a paragraph, but spend so much time making that perfect that I forget to fix the transitions and outside references to that information. Or, as I have been known to do, I will note an author's note with a (#), but then at the end forget what the note was or that there was even a note to begin with.

Also, I struggle with transitions. While I have worked hard to remedy that situation, it still is rather difficult for me to connect two ideas without leaving some key connection piece missing. Thus, it is helpful if the draft I am editing is somewhat smooth between paragraphs, though I can try my best to make them flow a little better.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Anything but what is in my non-preference area. But, I especially love to do crossovers. I find them easier to keep going, as well as much more interesting to read, for they have a lot of potential for characterization. However, my problems with "Trip To Mutant School" has shown me that mega- crossovers are the hardest little buggers to write, as they juggle too many characters and personalities. I am OK with reading stories with OC's, but only certain types (read below.)
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Romance is probably my weakest point. I could beta-read one, but I would have to work extra hard on it: M-rated romance, especially. I am not against beta-ing a story with a lemon, though that particular section of any story may see the least amount of edits.

Also, I will not do yaoi unless it is a minor aspect of the story; this would be like a Hiei/Kurama story in the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom where there are only hints of them being lovers. Basically, no blatant yaoi (or yuri, for those wondering), unless it is part of the canon (Willow/Tara in the Buffy fandom, as an example). However, in the latter example, I would prefer not to work on a story where their love is the central theme. As I am a straight female with no real homosexual friends, I am not prepared to try to understand/write about that type of relationship.

A note on OC's (original characters). I love these guys as much as the next person: they make excellent villains and have more potential than regular characters, since the canon characters need to stay as much in character as possible to be believable. However, as I found in my now-deleted first story about Kurama and Hiei visiting a middle/high school, juggling OC's is even more difficult a process than juggling the original cast. Thus, I prefer not to read/write/beta super-OC stories. The hardest story for me to read ever was by a friend of mine who wrote (then rewrote, then rewrote again) an Inuyasha story about a girl named Sora who was the daughter (granddaugher, as the rewrites changed) of Kagome who eventually ended up in feudal Japan and fell in love with Inuyasha (just like her mother/grandmother did). The real pain came into effect when her friends from school all decided to go back in time with her and join on a pointless quest that was reminiscent of Kagome's quest but even more cliche. Then, on top of it all, it seemed like every other paragraph contained at least one curse word (including in narration).

The subject of cursing brings me to my next point. Please, it is absolutely un-professional for there to be too much cursing in a story. Only the characters themselves should curse (not the narrator unless it is in 1st person), and even then it should be realistic. In the Inuyasha universe (I seem to be referencing that mostly), little 5-year-old-ish Shippou should not be dropping the F-bomb (especially if no one notices). It is just rude to the audience, first of all. Also, it sends mixed messages to the audience: in writing, I believe that strong language should be reserved for circumstances when that is needed. (For example, if a character is drunk, angry, in pain, uneducated, or otherwise not at the "top of their game" then it is fine for them to slip out a cuss word. However, if they are going about their every day lives, then unless they act like a sailor, just forgo that entire section of vocabulary.) Besides, it is a stronger sentence to say:

-The doctor ignored the slew of curses from his patient's mouth as he re-set his broken arm.

...Than it is to say:

-'F***! That hurts! S***, do you have to...? OW!!!' the patient screamed as the f****** doctor re-set his broken arm and ignored his cries.

The first one is much more descriptive than the second and has a stronger focus on the doctor (who is the one performing the actions), and it is much shorter. Also, notice the use of f****** in the narration: that is what irks me the most. The narrator should be unbiased (unless in 1st person) and thus should never ever ever use strong language to refer to someone or something. If I saw that in a story I am beta-reading, I would change it, no questions asked.

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