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Author has written 9 stories | X-Men: The Movie, In A Heartbeat, Radio Free Roscoe, Lord of the Rings, and Inkheart.
β : Indigo Fireflight is a registered beta reader and is currently accepting beta reading requests.
Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
Please read my "Preferred" section for details on what kind of fanfiction I prefer to beta. I will beta read a lot of styles, but I am better with some.

I will beta read for those whose native language is or is not English!

Pour les auteurs français, je parle et comprends le français, mais seulement un peu. Je ne peux pas corriger les histoires écrits en français, mais je peux vous aider avec les histoires écrits en anglais. :)

Even if English is not your first language, I am happy to help you. I can also communicate to some degree in French, if you speak it, but primarily English. So although I do tend to understand the errors made by French and English speakers more than other language speakers, I am happy to read anyone's writing. If you let me know that your first language is not English, I'll try to be much more clear in my explanations of errors, and try to help the language your characters and you use sound more naturally English, if I can. :)

I love writing, however between writing my original fiction and the demands of real life, I haven't had much time to complete any of my more recent fanfiction in quite a while. So really none of the fanfiction on my account is recent fanfiction. However, beta reading is something I'd have more time for. So, although I am working on getting some more recent fanfiction posted, I have decided to accept beta reading requests when possible. If I have to take a beta reading hiatus due to vacations/school, I will have a message posted saying so.

I prefer to be a more technical/style focused beta reader, helping with spelling/grammar, clarity, writing style, word choice, etc. more than plot and characterization. If I have suggestions for plot and characterization, I certainly may give them, just don't necessarily expect it for sure. I'm much more likely to comment on very unrealistic characterization and plot points, or serious breaches in previously established characterization if I'm aware of it, but there are certain minor exceptions I may make. I usually prefer to focus on writing style when I'm correcting someone, that's all. And of course, you don't have to listen to my suggestions. It is, after all, your story.

Don't be upset if I say I am unable to beta read for you. Sometimes I'm too busy, sometimes not so busy. I can't guarantee that I can beta read your fanfiction necessarily. I don't mean anything against you, I just do not have time for every fanfiction. I'm sorry.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Helping native and non-native English speakers use more natural sounding dialogue, as well as the rest of the writing. I am from Canada, so although I myself use UK spelling for some words (like colour rather than color) I am aware of American spellings of words and can use those too. I will correct words to be spelled consistently in American or UK style spelling the best that I can.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation are big strengths of mine, especially spelling if I had to pick between the two. Helping the technical and style based aspects of your writing improve is something I enjoy. Things like word choice, writing style and clarity are some style based aspects I like to help with. I also like helping with structure related changes, like rearranging or eliminating passages.

I try to be constructive with my feedback, making corrections without being mean or overly blunt. However, if you want an extremely blunt beta reader, I may not be your top choice.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I tend to be more lenient on characterization and plot in certain cases. For example, if it seems clear that in your story, a certain amount of the character staying less in character suits best the scenario that you want to stick to for your fanfiction, I may overlook it more. I tend to correct style and technical errors first.

I may not be 100% perfect with my grammar and punctuation, but I have always received good marks in those areas. The extremely, extremely technical grammar errors that still sound like natural English I may miss.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I correct one-shots and fanfiction that is only a few chapters a lot faster, but I am okay with longer works too. I have a lot of experience with H/C (hurt/comfort) so go ahead and send those my way. I can definitely help with those, especially male hurt/comfort. I'm not sure why, I just tend to work with male characters in those fanfictions better, especially male to male.

I also do well with drama, some angst, gen, romance, some humour, many genres.

In my preferences section I have included some fandoms I either prefer to read and/or know well. I may prefer to read a particular fandom without knowing it perfectly, exactly accurately, or I may know a fandom extremely well without still being exactly interested in it or involved in it. Or it may be both. Either way, they're usually good fandoms to choose with me, although I'm very open to other fandoms I'm less familiar with, or even haven't heard of at all. (If I get a request for a fandom I don't know well or at all but I'm willing to beta for it, I will let you know first.)

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I will not beta lemons, limes or explicit sex scenes within stories. Sorry, it's just really not my thing. I will not beta script format stories. I do not want to beta MPreg, incest, BDSM, excessive gore, that sort of thing. I'm not as interested in PWP fanfiction to beta read.

I am totally fine with beta reading for technical/structure issues in fandoms I'm not familiar with, but don't expect me to necessarily be able to help much with plot and characterization for fandoms I'm unfamiliar with if deep knowledge of the fandom is required. I'll have to rely on you for some of that. Although, if a character's name is spelled inconsistently throughout a story, I may give looking up the correct spelling, things like that. I can't think of any particular fandoms I really don't want to beta for except, sorry, Twilight. I just really don't like Twilight, I'll accept requests for most other fandoms I can think of but not Twilight. So other than that, I'm pretty open to most other fandoms.

Beta Preferences
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