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Author has written 12 stories | Dragon Ball Z, Star Wars, Gundam Wing/AC, Final Fantasy VIII, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.
β : Blaue Schwertlilie is a registered beta reader and is currently accepting beta reading requests.
Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I'm Iris. I've been writing for over ten years, both fanfiction and original. The best part of reading, for me, is the chance to dig into what a story is doing and ihow/i it's doing that - word choice, point of view, double-meanings.

I'm interested in polishing stories, in making them say what the author wants and discovering awesome things the author didn't intend. At the same time, I'll point out what aspects I think are really good, like a turn of phrase or the way the story is told from inside a character's head - it's hard to improve when you don't know what you're doing right. I am *not* interested in hand-holding, or just telling you how ~wonderful~ your story is - I cheerfully discuss the both the failings and successes of published novels on a regular basis, and I hold fanfiction to the same standard.

I'm not a good choice of beta for anyone just starting out with writing, or someone who doesn't want constructive criticism.

Please also keep in mind that while I can be harsh about a story, whatever I say about the story is about the *story*. It's not a reflection on you or your writing skills - goodness knows that I end up writing crap on a regular basis too, I just make the decision not to post it.

Aside from what's in my preferred/not my cup of tea sections, I'm happy to beta things that involve consenting adults - gen, het, slash/shounen ai/yaoi, femslash/shoujo ai/yuri, polyamory, open relationships, etc. If it's something with an unusual kink, ask first. I also enjoy well thought-out AUs. Hetalia-wise I'm not a fan of Nyotalia, since I want to read about the canon characters, but genderswapped characters who act like their regular canon selves are a-ok.

If you're interested in having me beta for you, make sure you run your story through a grammar & spell checker first, and then double-check it yourself. They're available free on the internet, and in writing programs that are free on the internet (like Open Office). I also expect that you will use a standard English, spelling and all, in any PMs. (Don't sweat a couple typoes or Australian vs Canadian English, but I'm not interested in working with anyone who writes e-mails like "So I herd your doing beta stuff now so can you plz beta for me?")

I also need you to be clear about what you want - if you want me to give extra attention to something, like flow or comma use, you need to tell me beforehand.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
- Style: consistency, flow, repetitive word use, redundancy.

- Voice: telling apart speakers and perspective by how it's written (eg: "Oh man, that was so totally awesome!" vs ".. Yes, well. Good job").

- Showing, not telling.

- Grammar.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
- Brit/Ameri picking. I generally speak/write Canadian English, so I'm rubbish at remembering whether Americans send cheques or checks (etc).

- Action scenes. I can't get my head around how to write them, so I can't help you with the technical side of it, but I can still spot "Wait, wasn't his left arm broken?"

- Humour. My sense of humour is slightly odd and very dry, so I'm not a good barometer for what's "funny."

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
- Things that play with tropes and ideas. (Google "TV Tropes" for examples, but only if you've got a couple hours free.)

- Deconstructions especially are amazing. Also unreliable narrators, the butterfly effect, and screw fate plots.

- History fic! So much love for a well-written history fic.

- Happy endings.

- Things with a point beyond "lol socute"/"baaaawwww DDD:" I love reading & writing them, but not betaing them.

- Interesting stylistic choices, like mimicking the style of a Regency romance or telling stories out of order.

- Genderfuck. (Yes, that's the proper spelling. No, it's not a synonym for "genderswap.")

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
- Anything involving graphic non-con or dub-con. That includes things that *I* think are non-/dub-con, even if you disagree.

- Rape as love, or turning into love, unless you're playing with how squimywrongbad it would be in a realistic setting.

- Ukeification (when a male character's height, build, voice, mannerisms, narration, etc are made stereotypically feminine just because he is penetrated during sex).

- Shota (child sex). Teenagers over ~16 are fine.

- Self-inserts & Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus.

- Stories that boil down to "X is unloved, nobody cares, but Y in the background actually loves him and saves him from himself." Also moe-moe and unbeatable characters, like the Moenada and MANada versions of Canada, to use a Hetalia example.

- Hetalia-specific: gratuitous use of non-English languages. France speaking a few words of French = awesome; France speaking only in French = not awesome.

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