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Author has written 15 stories | Gravitation, Naruto, Fruits Basket, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I am not going to sugar-coat my feelings towards your story. I am not going to tell you Ït's a great story! Why do you need me! You can do this by yourslef". I am here to help you write a better plot and show you how to bend the rules of writing (and even break them to an extent). I want to show you how to write a good story where it will keep people interested. If you want somebody to hold your hand and baby you throught the time you are writing your story, you don't want me. I am going to tell you everything wrong with your story and everything right with your story. I am going to tell you if you are writting something that is gold, or something that is... Well shit. They style I write is the way I speak. I feel that some of the greatest ways of writing is to write as if you are telling the story in front of the person. A story is boring when it's written like a research paper. Why write it like that? Español: Voy a dicir que español es mi segundo idioma. Con eso, voy a dicir que si me quieres para correjirte de tus gramaticas, debes a buscar por otra persona. Estoy buno con ayudando el autor con el punto o el plot del cuento. No voy a dicir palabras bonitas y aguantar tu mano memandote. Eso no es mi estilo. Si tu quieres la verdad, voy a darlo por ti. Voy a dicirte todas las problemas de tu cuento. Y todas las buenas. Yo escribo como hablo. Leenodo/escribiendo un cuento como si era un papel de research is aburrido. Nadie quiere leer eso. Entonce porque tu vas a escribirlo como haci?
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Plot development. I am amazingly good at plot development. I enjoy dealing with love triangles and making unexpected twists and turns in my own writting and in others. I am also very good in poetry. I am best with freestyle, and can even do Shakspearen Sonnets with a modern day twist. I have studied archetypes and have found it to increase my writing skills a fairly good amount. For example, if I see that you can use a powerful discription, such as discribing the symbolic pourpose for weather and scenery, I will suggest it. Or if you have an OC character that is wearing the wrong colors, I can help you out. Some of my sugestons may sound a bit wacky in the begining, but have been proven to be effective with stories. br /

br /

I am also very straight forward. Sometimes, I see stories in FF.Net and see that stories either have too much detail to the point that the plot is lost and the story is no longer interesting, to stories that have so little discription that it is pointless to even read. Español: Me gusta romancia. Y ayudando con el plot. Yo casi siempre tengo no problema con eso. tambien estoy biend con escribiendo poemas. En español o en ingles. Tambien, estoy como "straight forward". Eso quieres dicir que yo sepo cuando hay mucho informacion con el cuento. Y tambiend cuando no hay informacion suficiente. Estoy aqui para ayudarte con eso.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Spelling. I am a terrible speller. I am working on my spelling by using not only spell check, but by I believe that if a person can admit their weaknesses and improve on them, it will make them not only a stronger person, but a better one as well. I tend to procrastinaite a little. Either due to my scheduale with school and studies or something random happens. I am straight to the point. Yes, I know I put that on my streangth, but sometimes being straight to the point ends up being crappy. I have to learn to balance it out. And I am. I had one of my friends read a fanfic I wrote and they enjoyed the short story, but they felt that it was rushed in some way. That's something that sometimes happens with my "straight to the point" motto. Español: Estoy debil con la gramatica. Porque? Porque español es mi segundo idioma. Si tienes problemas con tu gramaticas, estomos dos siegos perdidos y tu no debes a preguntarme para ayuda. Tabien, con mi"straight forward-ness, eso puede hacer tambien mi problema. A veses lo pongo el cuento muy "rushed".
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I have no problem doing yaoi, as long as it is somehow explainable. But there has to be a limit on the "homosexual"loveing. Español: Amor. Cuentos de amor. no tengo problemas con yaoi y yuri, pero hay un limito por eso.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Horror. Simply not my cup of tea. Never was into horror. I have personally tried doing that once and I ended up making it into a comedy romance thing that seemed like a retarded version of Steven Kings It. I will refuse to do Mary Sues and Mary Stans. I personally cannot stand those stories. They irritate me to no beliefe. The only way you can make me help you with that is if it ends in tragady somehow. Like the character they fall for ends up not loving them in the end and they have a horrible break up, or the OC's dreams and asperations are ruined because of their love life with the other character. If you have a story that has the entire cast gay, don't bother asking me. I follow logic and there is no logic as to 100% of the cast being gay. In the real world, you take 10 people, one of them is gay. So don't turn everybody into lesbiens and gays.Español: Horror. No puedo hacerlo. Lo pongo como una comedia. Tambien, no me gusta los OCs. El unico forma que voy a trabajar con eso es si algo malo va a pasar con ellos si ellos son inportantes. Tambien, si tu quiere hacer un cuento donde todos son patos... No me pregunta para ayudarte. 1oo% del mundo no es pato. 1o% es. Por lo menos segues este logica.
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