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Author has written 10 stories | Digimon, Harry Potter, and Thunderbirds.
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I love reading and writing, but I know just as much as anyone how unperfect writing can be. When I'm reading something, whether it be a book from the local book store or a fanfiction that is one of my favorites, I can always pick out spelling errors and most grammatical errors. I was in advanced and AP (university level) English (reading & writing) in high school. While reading, I do expect certain things to capitalized things (ex. God, not god; March, not march; Tuesday, not tuesday).br /

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I will read anything, and I mean anything, once. But I only ask that you be aware that "real" life comes first for me. Homework, family, and even work. I know to some people writing and reading comes first; in fact I used to be one of those people. But I am not anymore, though I will try my best to get things to people in a decent amount of time.

IMPORTANT: I will accept beta request every so often, but not as often as I used to. This is mainly due to experience of people being quite rude to me during the process. If I am unfamiliar with something, I will ask and I will question why it is in the story if I do not understand the context, as these are questions readers will ask. In doing so, I have been cussed out and found on other media and harassed and even have been emailed by the younger readers parents. I am a teacher during the day and I deal with parents then, not during my spare time on a website that is meant to promote reading and creativity. If you feel I am being too harsh, please tell me. Honestly, I am just using professional language. But I am a person with feelings as well.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I excell at spelling and most grammar. I can usually figure out when I sentence doesn't sound right and fix it. I love to remember spelling and words, to figure out how to word things in a unique way yet still make sense. So I'm good with metaphors and/or similes as well. Sentence structure as well; people don't talk in correct grammar, unless it is in their character to behave that way. I feel like I am good at helping to write at people how they actually talk.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I tend to be a bit weak grammar-wise. I'm getting better, especially since I was in Advanced English and in AP English in high school, and I also teach small humans how to read. One thing that I always try to remember is that people do not think or talk in "proper" grammar. So when writing in someone's point of view, I tend to not write in proper grammar. I will do this in my beta-ing as well. If you WANT your character's speech, thoughts, or part of the fic that is in their point of view IN proper grammer you NEED TO TELL ME. Sorry for the capitals, but you NEED to. Or else I will only fix up basic things, not everything.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I prefer to do Romance, Family or even Hurt/Comfort. I will try to beta anything though. I love reading slash, and hetero couples. I haven't really read femslash that much, but I do like it and will beta it.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I can't really think of anything currently. I have a list of things I will not beta for a BDSM fic, so if you want me to beta one PM me and I will tell you things that I just might refuse to beta, depending on how heavily the part I am uncomfortable with us used. I do beta for BDSM fics, as well as read them, so please know this is not me saying I dislike them, just certain fetishes as I am apart of the BDSM so I will only not beta for my hard limit fetishes, and even then I will up to a point so please message me!

Gore and vore fics to a point as well, just due to not having that much experience with them. I don't read them but I will beta for them (and I have in the past), I am just not as confident in my skills for those genres.

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