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Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
While looking for a beta for my own story I found it near impossible to find one that I liked and would respond to me with interest. To make this easier for you I will try to respond promptly, even if it is to decline. I find it is best when writing a new story to have an outline of what is going to happen before jumping into the writing process. I have only beta'd one story on this site so far, and I had fun while helping her fact check things she hadn't thought of as well as helping to keep the characters true to themselves. Also since I'm new to being a beta I am still trying to figure out and fix the line breaks on my beta profile. When sending a request let me know: Story title, rating(and why it is rated this level), a summary, what you hope I can do to help you, Story's current length and projected length, and any other information you might feel is useful(time zone you are in, working schedule, if there are other betas collaborating on the piece, etc.)
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I have been reading and writing Fanfiction since early 03, maybe even earlier, so I have a good handle on what is unique to fanfic and what is cliche. Even if it cliche it is always good to have your own twist to it. I like synonyms, the online thesaurus is a best friend when writing. I feel repeating a word too much will take away from the story, unless the repetition is part of a stylized point the author is trying to make.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
It has been a while since I have been in the Inuyasha fandom, but give me a minute and I will dive back in. On both Harry Potter and Inuyahsa I have read all of the books, but have not watched all the anime or the movies. I might not catch all grammar/spelling errors and I feel I use way too many commas in my own work. I also have trouble being happy with my own endings. I have loads of ideas on the shelf waiting for me to think of the proper ending. I am American, so I will probably 'fix' things that are not spelled the American way. Just tell me and we can put it back if that is the preference for the story.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Dramione(Draco and Hermione) is my OTP for Harry Potter, with HGSS being a runner up, but I will try to be open to others pairings. I just have a preference as Hermione being part of the main pairing. With Inuyasha I like a mix of main pairings, all of them het pairings if sex is involved. I feel like I'm one of the few who are open to non-con/ dub-con stories, and as a mature adult I am good with a hard M story, but will read lower ratings. I like a story to stay near-cannon, but I also like a good AU. I mean, look at my OTP, they are non-canonical, but I love them. And lets be serious, no one liked it when Snape died, we were rooting for him (oh, and of course Dumbledore and Sirius Black). That is part of the fun of Fanfiction, its a BIG "what if?" Just let me know what changes are important to the story.I might be open to step outside Harry Potter and Inuyasha, but only if I know something about the original work. (I am a fan of Spam when it comes to iCarly or Cat and Sam). Just ask me and I will let you know if I think I can help.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
While there is a slash-type pairing in my HP fic, I would rather not do a story where it centered on just the smutty parts. If it is part of a good plot and is purposeful to advancement the story then I find I don't have as much trouble with sex in general. I find that is true with het pairs, I know it's the internet and a good M involves something hot, but too much and I end up skipping chunks and losing interest. I am aware that as an author you can change whatever you like about anything in the story, but I would rather not read "OMG, she had a complete make-over and is now toats hot, so, like, everyone now wants her even though they hated her before!" If the character doesn't fit what you are trying to do there is nothing wrong about picking another character. Like every rule there is an exception, parodies can be fun if done properly. Crossovers might be a hard thing for me if I'm not familiar with the other half of the work.
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