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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I am not a 'my way or the highway' sort of beta-reader. I am always open to debating back and forth with authors about how a particular scene should go.

My method of beta-reading is usually, the author sends me the doc (usually in MS Word format, but I can handle other formats if asked), I read it over, mark my necessary changes in red font, and send the doc back in an email that lists the other comments/suggestions that are more optional to the story, or otherwise can't be entered into the story without author's approval.

If you are looking for instant replies, I am NOT your best choice. I am not able to get online every single day and sometimes I am quite busy, so I will often take at least a couple days to get revised documents back to the author. I DO always send some kind of reply as soon as I get the doc to let you know that it is being looked at however.

I think my style of beta-reading works better for more advanced writers, who already have a reasonable grasp of their plot and the characters they're using. Somebody new to writing stories probably shouldn't pick me unless they can handle getting their story back mostly red the first time.

I'd be willing to try reading Spanish fics, but I don't think I would really call myself fluent enough to do as good a job as I would do in English.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
My strongest points as a beta-reader are in English spelling and grammar. While I won't claim to know everything about grammar (indeed, I tend to overuse commas and ellipses myself) I will always do my best, and when in doubt, I will look the rules up myself. I also try to help authors find alternate wording to improve the impact of parts of their stories.

When I am strongly familiar with the section that the story is written for, I like to think that I am also fairly good at helping to keep characters in-character, and I won't hesitate to point out when I feel that a character is acting outside their nature, given the particular storyline they're working in. I can be more flexible if a story is AU, but if one segment of a story has me asking "Why are they doing that?", then I will definitely pass that question back to the author. I WILL warn you if I feel a character is becoming a MarySue/GaryStu.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I admit it, sometimes I am too nice. If I'm not sure the author can handle it, I sometimes try to sugar-coat problems in the story. I won't avoid mentioning the problems at all, but I can try to soften them sometimes, which I know can be bad for them.

Sometimes I'm too mean, though, too. Or rather, I get so wrapped up in trying to remember to mention the parts that need improvement, that sometimes I forget to mention the parts that I really liked. So, keep in mind that just because I don't always come out and SAY that I really liked this part or that part, there must be something I liked in there, or I wouldn't bother betaing it.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I should note that I am a strong fan of Albel and Nel pairing (from SO3). An Alnel story would have to be really bad for me to turn it down. ^_^

I tend to work within the video game area. RPGs that I've played (preferably more than once) are my forte. Right now, that's mostly Star Ocean 3 ('Til the End of Time), but I'm willing and able to beta for other video games such as just about any Final Fantasy game, Rogue Galaxy, Radiata Stories, Xenosaga, Prince of Persia Sands of Time, and so on. When in doubt, ask! Even for games I am not familiar with, I can still do spelling and grammar checking at the very least, even if I might not have the knowledge to keep the characters in character. You can always have multiple betas for that.

For other genres - my next most 'doable' category would be books. I read fantasy/sci-fi, and I'm familiar with many of the popular 'young adult' authors like Sherwood Smith, Robin McKinley, Mercedes Lackey, Diane Duane, Tamora Pierce, Meredith Ann Pierce (unicorn books only), and Patricia C. Wrede (Enchanted Forest, Sorcery and Cecilia, and Mairelon the Magician, and any Lyra books I can get my hands on). I also read more adult fiction like Anne Bishop's Black Jewels books, Elizabeth Moon's Paksenarrion trilogy, Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, and Elizabeth Haydon's Symphony of Ages. Again, it does no harm to ask! I'm always reading new stuff.

Other things I'm familiar with...well, I've read a few manga - FullMetal Alchemist, Tail of the Moon, Vampire Knight, Crimson Hero, Ouran High School Host Club, and MeruPuri. Oh, and don't forget, my first and favorite one ever (thanks Blue Persuasion) From Far Away!

For TV...well I don't watch much. But I did see a couple cartoons I'd be willing to beta for - Gargoyles and the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. For non-cartoons...I don't know. Maybe CSI (the original) or NCIS.

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I will NOT take on stories where I basically have to rewrite the entire thing to make it readable. If you write in chatspeak, or write stuff like scripts instead of prose, don't come to me. If I get a story that isn't readable, I will send it back and decline to beta it.

As for stuff that's 'not my cup of tea' - well, if you're going to do lemony stuff, don't expect critique on the lemon parts. I am okay with reading them, and will still spelling- and grammar-check those parts, but that's all I can do.

Within the genres I know, there are (very) occasionally some pairings I generally can't handle. One example of this would be Roy/Ed in the FullMetal Alchemist area. I am also less likely to be able to handle any male/male pairings - not that I'm against them, there are indeed a couple I actually like - but because it's outside of my experience. I am willing to take on stories with these things in them, but be warned, that if I feel I can't handle it, I will let you know. On the other hand, if you've written an unusual pairing quite well, I will let you know that, too! There are always exceptions, so the only way to find out is to ask.

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