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Author has written 7 stories | Sight, Final Fantasy X-2, Naruto, Bleach, and D.Gray-Man.
β : Rikku the bluefirevixon is a registered beta reader and is currently accepting beta reading requests.
Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
Hello. I will accept beta reading requests for most fandoms (video games, anime/manga, and books included), though I will make sure and let you know if I am not familiar with the fandom you wish for me to beta. I will provide my beta services (as well as advertising on my profile page) in exchange for advertising, which means crediting me as a beta reader in each chapter I beta and perhaps even adding me as a favorite author (though the latter is not required). In return, I will review what I beta, advertise the story in my profile, and subscribe to your stories. I beta a number of things, including kids' stuff since I have had a lot of little kids around the house. Anyway, please feel free to pm or email me if you want any help! Thanks! ^-^
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
English grammar, strengthening of writing, watching for characters to stay in-character (applies to characters I am more familiar with), composition, precision, criticalness (I won't sugar-coat it if something needs work); I have completely finished beta reading 1 multi-chapter story and am currently working with various authors on several more multi-chapter stories (help me add more!).
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
time (sometimes it may take me a while to get your chapter back to you), and if I am not familiar with a character, then I cannot always watch for OOCness,
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
From Video Games, Anime/Manga, or Books; most plot lines work for me so there's no specific genre. Video Games I'm familiar with include Final Fantasy X/X-2/XII/VII, Shadow Hearts, Okami, Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Assassin's Creed, Dead or Alive, Heavenly Sword, and Snowboarding Kids; Anime I'm familiar with include Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, D. Gray Man, Death Note, Fruits Basket, YuGiOh (not GX), Digimon (1st and 2nd season), Avatar the Last Airbender, Rurouni Kenshin, FLCL, Immortal Rain, Spirited Away, Petshop of Horrors, Chobits, Love Hima, Negima, AI Love You, Flame of Recca, and Wolf's Rain; for Books I'm familiar with, you will just have to ask on a book to book basis, though I can do Harry Potter for sure.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Not really into blatant [non-canon] yaoi or yuri (though implied is okay) (exceptions may be made for well written stuff, feel free to ask). I also don't want any blatant sex stories with no point - I'm here to beta stories, not lemons. NO MARY SUES. If your plotline smells of sue, I will have nothing to do with it.
Beta Preferences
Language: English
Content Rating: Fiction K » M
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Movie A Knight's Tale
Movie A Little Princess
Anime A.I. Love You
Movie Aladdin
Misc Anime X-overs
Book Artemis Fowl
Game Assassin's Creed
Cartoon Avatar: Last Airbender
Anime Bakuman
Movie Balto
Movie Beauty and the Beast
Tv Bill Nye The Science Guy!
Anime Bleach
Book Blood And Chocolate
Misc Book X-overs
Game Bubble Bobble
Misc Cartoon X-overs
Movie Casper
Book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Anime Chobits
Book Chronicles of Narnia
Anime Claymore
Anime Code Geass
Cartoon Codename: Kids Next Door
Movie Corpse Bride
Cartoon Courage: The Cowardly Dog
Anime D.Gray-Man
Game Dance Dance Revolution
Cartoon Danny Phantom
Game Dead or Alive
Anime Death Note
Anime Digimon
Misc Digimon/Pokemon
Cartoon DuckTales
Game Final Fantasy VII
Game Final Fantasy X
Game Final Fantasy X-2
Misc Final Fantasy X-overs
Game Final Fantasy XII
Movie Finding Nemo
Book Firebringer Trilogy
Anime Flame of Recca
Cartoon Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Book Frankenstein
Tv Friends
Anime Fruits Basket
Anime Fullmetal Alchemist
Anime Furi Kuri: FLCL
Cartoon Futurama
Misc Game X-overs
Book Good Omens
Misc Greek Mythology
Book Harry Potter
Game Heavenly Sword
Book His Dark Materials
Tv Home Improvement
Tv House, M.D.
Tv I Dream of Jeannie
Anime Immortal Rain
Cartoon Jackie Chan Adventures
Movie James Bond
Movie Juno
Movie Jurassic Park
Game Kingdom Hearts
Movie Land Before Time
Book Last Unicorn
Movie Last Unicorn
Game Legend of Zelda
Cartoon Lilo & Stitch
Movie Lion King
Game LittleBIGPlanet
Anime Love Hina
Movie Lucky Number Slevin
Cartoon Magic School Bus
Book Mediator
Misc Misc. Anime/Manga
Misc Misc. Books
Misc Misc. Cartoons
Misc Misc. Comics
Misc Misc. Games
Misc Misc. Movies
Misc Misc. Tv Shows
Game Monster Rancher series/モンスターファーム
Movie Monsters Inc.
Misc Movie X-overs
Movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Movie Mulan
Anime Naruto
Movie National Treasure
Anime Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!
Game Neopets
Movie Nightmare Before Christmas
Cartoon Ninja Turtles
Book Odyssey
Game Okami
Anime Ouran High School Host Club
Game Persona Series
Movie Pirates of the Caribbean
Movie Pocahontas
Game Pokémon
Tv Power Rangers
Cartoon Powerpuff Girls
Movie Prince of Egypt
Movie Princess Bride
Cartoon Recess
Book Redwall
Cartoon Rugrats/All Grown Up!
Anime Rurouni Kenshin
Tv Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Movie Sandlot
Anime Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei
Cartoon Scooby Doo
Game Shadow Hearts
Movie Shrek
Book Sight
Game Snowboard Kids
Book Song of the Lioness
Movie Spirit
Anime Spirited Away
Cartoon Teen Titans
Tv That '70s Show
Movie Toy Story
Misc TV X-overs
Movie Wizard of Oz
Anime Wolf's Rain
Cartoon X-Men: Evolution
Misc X-overs
Anime Yu-Gi-Oh
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