Crossovers  BooksAbandon, Meg Cabot
Maya by MayaWolf5518
hi, this is a story written from the influences from every other story i have read. Enjoy
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1 2 3 BLINK Anything could happen in the blink of an eye. For some people thats a statement that means nothing to them. For me, it could have lead my whole life... (sorry about the title, couldn't really thing of one)
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The Grey family move into the country for the fresh air hoping it'll cure the sick poor mother. Felix Grey struggles to keep the family together when the crumbling house tsarts to wake u it's true horror. Will you have the guts to read this or will you hide away?
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Screams - Oneshot by Luna'sHorcrux
She's in hell, literally. She screams because she's done all she can, been as good as she could. She's punished for saving her children. J/P OC/H
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Analyzing Abandon by BlackAngelWings1010 reviews
"She knows what it's like to die; Escape from the realm of the dead is impossible; Death has her in his clutches," Pierce reads. Pierce's family minus Grandma and John read the books.
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Once there was a girl named Courtney. One night awaiting for her friends a strange knocking comes from the door when she answers to find a baby with a note tied to the bottom of the basket. When she reads it she soon becomes intrigued by what she reads. She then decides to care for the baby when she finds out her own aunt is the mother of the child.
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What if Pierce left, what if there was a female passenger on the Liberty? What if both John Hayden and Alexander Cabrero were in love with this girl? OneShot, Written out of boredom and sadness over the end of the series
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Death Becomes You by ScribblinScribe reviews
The only world Nicoletta has ever known is the Underworld, which makes sense as her dad is the demi-god of death. However, Nicoletta wants out. She wants to see the world, something her parents will never let her do. She ran away from home to a new place: but the Furies are still out there, and so far from home her parents can't help her. Will she ever see her parents again?
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Pierce has just made a few new friends in her new town. But she may lose them faster than she thinks. A monster has started to steal all of Pierce's friends in an effort to get Pierce to do something even she doesn't know. Pierce must get her friends back fast, for the monster is planning something to evil to even describe.
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Pierce is now stuck in the underworld with John. He has already captured her heart, but will it be enough for her to stay and leave all shes known behind? Will they figure out how to stop the furies once and for all? Well you have to read to find out. /After Abandon/
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Pierce, John, Uncle Chris, Alex, and Pierce's mom and dad find themselves in a mysterious room with a strange set of books that seem to tell Pierce's future in order to change the what's to come. How will everyone react to the past and the present? [Set after Pierce's meeting with John in the cemetery.] Don't like don't read. Please review ! :) x
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John and Pierce fanfiction. Set after 'Underworld' & written before 'Awaken' came out.
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When Pierce has a nightmare, who is there to comfort her? Where is she? How will she know she is safe? JohnxPierce. Rated T to be safe. One-shot.
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