Crossovers  BooksLeague, Sherrilyn Kenyon
Saving Me by Avenger of the fallen reviews
A group of friends who hunt down and destroy League controlled out-ports that use genetic modification to create soldiers are faced with having to go into temporary hiding while being hunted by the League and the Sentella. ((Huge shout-out @ general zargon for your help with the re-write in a positive way. Thank You.)) (Rating and Genre to possibly change)
Rated: T - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,835 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 5/9 - Published: 3/12
Rebelde by Vin Wolfblack reviews
Serie de Drabbles sobre Thia Quiakides. Hija mayor del mejor asesino de la Liga. Hija de Nemesis. Hijastra de un Sicopata trastornado. Detalles, momentos y traumas. Porque a uno no la sacan del infierno para ponerla en un hogar estable y esperen que siga cuerda.
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Born of Justice by kaz.bu reviews
Quinn, a top level assassin with the League has been given a trainee level assignment and he is not happy about it. Viper in jail for life and with an unknown past is that assignment. But nothing in the League is ever what it seems and what starts as a rookie job soon goes to hell as the pair have to let go of the past and learn to trust in order to survive
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Just a short funny fluff piece of Caillen, Desideria and their first daughter. Enjoy :)
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Born of Desperation by spaz19892000 reviews
Annalise Cruel won't have her life dictated to her. Not by family, the Caronese government, or the man she loves. Everyone wants to make decisions for her but she'll fight for the right to make her own. She doesn't know where her life is heading but she knows what she wants, she'll die trying to get it, and she'll protect those she loves at any cost even her death. AnnaXFain
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Born of Steel by spaz19892000 reviews
Zarina is the youngest child in her family. And while her family thinks she's as fragile as an orchid, she's more than they could ever imagine. Her will, determination, wits, compassion, and grit show she's born of steel. Zarina/O.C.
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Born of Secrets by spaz19892000 reviews
Everybody has secrets. Kaela's got a big one. Keeping it could destroy her heart and loose the man she loves. Telling it could rip her family apart and destroy friendships. But sometimes as much as we'd like to be we aren't completely masters of our secrets. And really there is not such thing as a secret. It's only a matter of time before people know what you're hiding. JXK
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Maris's wedding day. Warning: MaleXMale pairing.
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Drabbles about Maris and Ture, based on whatever songs came up on my iPod. Contains minor spoilers for Born of Silence.
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Darling has lived amongst silence and lies all his adult life. Now comes the time when he can finally stand tall and declare the truth, for all to hear. Warning: MASSIVE spoilers for Born of Silence. Do not read if you have not read.
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Taryn Quiakides comes face to face with a ghost from the past. Jaylee wants revenge for her father's death. Can they get past their hate and find their saving grace? Taryn/Jaylee
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It's based off about 9-10 years after the events of 'born of ice' and 'fire and ice.' you will see appearences of old characters, including some that you've never seen in different ways than you could've imagined. Hope you like. No Flames!
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