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The truth about Goku and Chichi
Goku only married Chichi because he promised to. The truth is, he was never in love with Chichi. In fact, their whole marriage was a sham.
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Anime/Manga to talk about!
Do you like spirted away,bleach,inuyasha and many others? Well come here AND LET'S TALK ABOUT IT!
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 3 - Followers: 5 - Since: 11-06-10 - Founder: Boom Girl OvErLoAd
Cooro, Stop Laughing!
These stories are all about the 2 Ls: Laughing and Love. Write funny or romantic fanfics for +anima and I'll post your stories here.
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LenxRin Kagamine story`s
We like anime girls need ideas for story's and len and rin join now and post your vocaloid stories no matter how bad every writer is unique
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My Anima Fan-fiction Center
HOI, this is where you can freely talk about anime/manga and where i might upload my own story but anyone else can make anima story's here too! Just make sure its anima ok?1! *Huffs slightly*
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My stored stories
This is for storage for ipod
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Actual Plus Anima Fanfiction
A Community for ACTUAL Plus Anima fanfiction, all of it that I can find - I know there's too much that's not even remotely Plus Anima in this category. If you want to be staff and help out, shoot me a PM.
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Sick of all of those non +Anima stories in this section? Well, this community is designed for ONLY +Anima stories, not those other fakers posted by authors who don't read the rules.
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+Anima Related Fanfictions.
If, like me, you are annoyed with all the stories that ARE NOT related to the +Anima manga. Then this is the place for you! In here all ALL the stories that are +Anima related. Not the random stories that people dump in this section.
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Hi everyone ! welcome to " +Anima_lovers community " please join here too , because I kinda need help with ideas and stories . If you have great , funny or romantic stories about +Anima then I'll gladly post it ^-^
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+Anima Yaoi!
I find that there is a severe lack of Yaoi Fanfics for +Anima. Well that and people seem to get +Anima and Anime confused and the +Anima section if full of spam. So I collected as many As Yaoi fanfics as I could find. If you have some +Anima Yaoi that you would like addded to this C2, feel free to tell SenriGirl!
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