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The fics in here would be about Kai Toshiki and Tokura Misaki ONLY. The main reason is so that those who ship them can actually keep track of new stories or updates easily since there is a follow button. So enjoy. ^^
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Aikou Fanclub !
This is a community for hardcore Aichi x Kourin Fans. PM me if I missed out on adding any story
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a kaichi comunnity
a place where only kaichi stories will be posted so that those who like them can keep track of the new ones please join and hope you enjoy.warning yaoi
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This community is dedicated to all Fanfiction having Fem!Aichi in or about a pairing compresing Fem!Aichi it. Pointed me if you see a Fic that I did not order !
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Our Stories From Beginning to End
Finding it a bit hard to discover good or decent Cardfight Vanguard fanfics? Look no further! These are the stories that will bring tears to your eyes, laughter from the humor contained within, or realize that certain characters are more than they seem. (Currently accepting suggestions to add to this community!)
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