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Power Z
Comunidad creada para aquellas historias del foro "Power Z"
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Great PPGZ Stories
Very interesting PPGZ stories you cannot miss!
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PPGZ vamp stories
you will find all vampfic stories writen about the PPGZ.
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Best D!PPGZ Stories
Thanks for entering! In here I'll post what I think are the best Demashitaa! PowerPuff Girls Z stories. Hope you enjoy them :)
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~*Shoujo-ai and Yuri*~
A community for the shoujo-ai and yuri fanfiction of Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z. If you know a story that isn't listed here, please let me know so I can add it!
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Favorite PPGZ Stories
These are good stories
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¬°Que lindas parejitas hay aqui! :3 Pd: Puede causar vomito de arco iris :D
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A second chance for the Rowdyruff Boys
This c2 is made especially for the fans of the rowdyruff boys FROM THE ANIME VERSION. If you have a story about them (they with the ppgz, or they alone) or also think that they should have earned a better role than the anime you come to the right place. I accept any fic, regardless the rating, language, type and genre, as long as you show the others that the rrb are also the main protagonists of the story and not extras
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Rainbow Love~
From the cartoon to the anime, if you want good PPG stories then you have found the right place! Though it is mainly Blue love, I will add all the other pairings like red and green so don't worry~ If you have a story you want to add, PM me and I will do so!
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