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| Blade & Bullet: Heine x Naoto |
In which we archive any and all fanfiction related to the pairing of Heine Rammsteiner and Naoto Fuyumine from the manga Dogs: Bullets and Carnage. If you would like to be a part of the staff or want to recommend a story, feel free to PM the manager.
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Dogs: Bullets & Yaoi
Dogs: Bullets & Carnage fanfiction involving male/male pairings (yaoi/slash/shonen-ai/etc.) All pairings welcome: Haine/Badou, Bishop/Badou, Giovanni/Badou, Giovanni/Haine, Bishop/Mihai, Mihai/Ian, Domino/Badou, etc. ----------All languages are welcome--------- Message Merci to make fic recommendations for the community (or if you would like to be a staff member and help add stories to the comm).
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