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Four Horsemen of the Dead
Amidst the wreckage of a Zombie Apocalypse and the harsh critique of readers, only the most compelling and well-written Highschool of the Dead fanfics, the real survivors, can be found here, as reviewed and selected by the Four Horsemen: Pestilence (Draco38), War (MarshalZhukov), Famine (jm1681), and Death (Rassilon001).
English - Staff: 3 - Archive: 15 - Followers: 37 - Since: 01-01-12 - Founder: Rassilon001
Gods of the Apocolypse
In a world that is savaged by the undead, abandon by the Elder Gods, Two lower Gods sets out to save this dieing finding and raising survivors who have proven worthy to be Gods themselves. Are you worthy?, Then pm me Gods/Members MT's Souless6 (God of Souls) Kayla The Killer (Goddess of the Moon ) unknown ray (The Forgotten God) jboy44 (God of Light) The Pager (God of the Abyss) fast.blade.37 (God of Water)
English - Staff: 4 - Archive: 7 - Followers: 2 - Since: 01-10-14 - Founder: MT's Souless6