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Emperor Orimu
Lame? Dense? Try awesome. This is a community for Badass!Ichika stories. Who need Invincible Gary Stu when you can develop this guy properly? OOC? No problem, it's the reader who decide.
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Infinite Stratos Chill zone
Hello everyone to Infinite Stratos Chill zone. here you can make your own OC's and I.S. units and talk to each other as you please. If your new to this sort of thing your are welcome and if your a pro at least make topics are appropriate the rookies. Anyways lets get started with the community and as I said if your new your welcome to join and make your own OC's and I.S. unit and talk to each other but keep it rated-T and respect others okay. and if you want any topics that you want to see just PM me and I
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Custom I.S Alliance
The purpose is a collective of Infinite Stratos fans to help grammar check and critiqe eachothers work before posting amd to store here for future refference.
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