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Trickster and Schoolgirl Amor
A community based of MayuraLoki pairings ... Please pm email me to be a staff for this community or to upload your stories based on them here.
English - Staff: 3 - Archive: 153 - Followers: 28 - Since: 02-19-06 - Founder: Winterflower
The Trickster God and his Silent Lady: A LokixSpica Community
Here's a C2 dedicated to the beloved pairing of Loki and the mother of his precious children. Whether she be Angrboda the giantess or Spica the clumsy maid, he'll always cherish her. It's a cute pairing. Nuff said.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 17 - Followers: 2 - Since: 03-17-09 - Founder: ko-chan-the-blueberry-donut
Matantei Loki Fanfiction Archive
This community is for the well written fiction for Matantei Loki Ragnarok. There are so many fics out there that are mediocre at best, so I thought we could have our own little community. Think of it as Fanfiction.Net but with rules on posting :P
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 1 - Followers: 1 - Since: 09-14-04 - Founder: Sarit
Learned to See
This category will include all the stories from the "Learned to See" collaboration. Hopefully if they are better organized, we can continue the story!
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 10 - Followers: 0 - Since: 08-05-08 - Founder: Lovely Doom
Sweet, Bitter and Sour
Family stories about Loki the Trickster God and his children, through moments sweet, sour and bitter. No pairings unless it's still family centered.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 12 - Followers: 0 - Since: 03-20-07 - Founder: Whatever666
Loki's Yaoi
A community created for any yaoi fics for Matantei Loki Ragnarok out there. My favorite pairing is HeimdallLoki, but I will really put anything in it, all pairings, ratings and lengths. If you would be offended by it, just don't read it.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 7 - Followers: 0 - Since: 11-12-06 - Founder: hyenateeth