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The Monster of Logic and the Fire Queen
A community dedicated towards the shipping of The Outcast, Hikigaya Hachiman and The Queen Bee, Miura Yumiko.
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Onee-san's Archive!
Because we all love Yukinoshita Haruno! Haruno x Hachiman and eventually other fanfictions with a strong Haruno presence. Haruno/Hachiman and Haruno-centric!
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SNAFU's best so far (I haven't read all so yeah, i'll continue listing)
I don't know if this list of stories suit your taste. But, this a list which i considered a suggestion, a highly recomendable fanfics for you to read, very unique, good plot, well written and most importantly has ROMCOM feel into it that makes Oregairu...well Oregairu. Some peope are having a hard time looking for a good fanfics worth reading, some just wont explore new things...well fear no more, this is the purpose of listing this stories in. Try and have a go!
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Interesting SNAFU Fanfics
Just some good/interesting SNAFU fanfics I've read. I figured I'd share some of these gems and let them get some more notice. These are all highly based on what I think is good, so don't expect all of these fics to be to your own taste.
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