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GenoSai (or SaiGeno) forever !
It could be Saitama being seme while Genos being uke, or the other way around. Plus the ones with Saitama having hair and Human!Genos, (since I think it's really really hot to see them together !) Whatever it is, this community revolves around our two heroes/anything that you want together ! Please feel free to contribute to the community if you want !
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Best of one punch man
This is for the fans of one punch man and to share great stories and have fun.
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OPM Ship Saitama and Genos
I've only finished the anime, but I love the storyline and characters. I also enjoy the ship Saitama/Genos (or Genos/Saitama), so this collection will focus on them. I'll add all ratings, but the stories must be completed. (The image is not mine.)
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Stories that include or are about SaitamaxTatsumaki shipping.
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