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I Was Dreaming...
Good fanfics with the older KanamixKazuma pairing. Looking for more people for the staff...so if you like the pairing, please let me know!
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Forgetmenot love!
Well, it seems that person who had C2 with the couples Mimori and Ryuhou is gone... and her C2 got deleted. I decided to make a new one! Well, I will try to get all the fics dealing with Ryuhou and Mimori! Till then, enjoy the ones I get here in this C2!
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Mirror Opposites
Kazuma. Ryuhou. Fire and Ice. Always in conflict, yet the perfect complement to one another. This is the place for yaoi or shonen ai fics involving these two men. Only the best fics will be archived here!
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there are not enough Scheris fics out there. i'm collecting all of the ones i find here. so if you know of anymore that are not bashing fics please messege me about them so i can add thim to this.
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Smoke on the Water: A Ryuhou C2
The title explains it all: this is for Ryuhou fans. Any fic I choose has to be well written, and I probably won't have any humour in here. I take all ratings and pairings.
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