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Dragon Treasure
A collection of tales all about our favorite one-eyed Engrish speaking general, Date Masamune. Anything featuring said Dragon is allowed and welcomed with open arms but you'll have to add them yourselves, for I am too lazy. ^^ Now go, Fellow Pawns and help me amass an enormous treasury fit for a dragon!
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The God and His Most Beautiful Blade
I realize that this place has been lacking one of my favorite pairings, Uesugi KenshinxKasuga... So I decided to make a community :)! I will accept anything that has to do with the relationship between Kenshin and Kasuga... Anything rated K-M as well. It is a sweet couple between what seems to be a powerful man, and a kunoichi that fell in love with him at first sight while she was on a mission to assassinate him. Kasuga (the kunoichi) was banished from whereever she reigned, and Kenshin welcomed her wit
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