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Why we Love to Cook?
So I don't really want just one-shots or things people are not going to continue. This is based for people writing more on relationships AND cooking. Not one or the other. But we are all doing that so there will be a limit on what comes in. We want character development and fun. There does not need to be relationships but the story must make it to a standard. I am not putting everything in here. Your story must also be updated on a regular bases. PM Demon Damian with questions, comments, or concerns.
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SoRina (SomaxErina)
Shokugeki no Soma. Yukihira Soma Nakiri Erina Fanfics.
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SouMegu fanfics
I just want to make it easier for SouMegu fans to find fanfics about this cute couple. If you want to join, just contact me ostap2424. SouMegu fanfics only!
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