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Strawberry & Chocolate
This is just a list of highly recommended RanKen fanfics for all fans to read. Title credit to fei3 with permission. Currently seeking a staff to archive 2006 and on fics. If you'd like to be a staff, please PM me.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 126 - Followers: 49 - Since: 04-28-05 - Founder: Sachiko V
Koibito Kinryoku
A Sanctuary for all the yummy Yohji/Aya(Ran) stories.
English - Staff: 2 - Archive: 13 - Followers: 34 - Since: 11-19-04 - Founder: Thornangel
RanKen Meant To Be
Red and Brown, Blade and Claw. A collection of RanAya Fujimiya x Ken Hidaka fics because these two, as many think, are meant to be... some fics containing YohjiOmi.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 66 - Followers: 22 - Since: 12-26-04 - Founder: westkitsune
People x Aya . Com2
I know, I'm such a romantic. Well, if uke!Aya is your thing, you're welcome to check out the ficcage in here. Also, know that there's not one writer out there who doesn't love your feedback. Wink, nudge. Happy reading! On a side note, if you want to become a part of the staff don't hesitate to email me! I would be ever greatful for a helping hand... or two.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 107 - Followers: 21 - Since: 10-03-05 - Founder: Bonafide Nocta
Rose&Freesia Remembrance
AyaxOmixAya fanfiction archive. Find lots of read worthy fic in which the Weiss resident Ice Queen and Chibi is the main pairing. Still looking for staff, just email me, mayDOTneumaATgmailDOTcom
English - Staff: 2 - Archive: 30 - Followers: 16 - Since: 04-02-05 - Founder: yume.no.unmei
Not Lonely: A Youji x Ken Fanfic Archive
An attempt to form an archive of Youji x Ken fanfiction, an endeavour which will hopefully prove of interest to someone other than it's creator.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 21 - Followers: 13 - Since: 04-04-05 - Founder: seven dials
Ken ai to kurushimi
This is a collection of fics that meet two criteria: Ken is one of the main characters and there's a good dose of angst in it! These may include any pairing with Ken or none at all. I have FINALLY updated the C2 list to include 'M' rated fics! I hope you all enjoy! . :DIf you would like to be part of the staff let me know. Thanks!
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 69 - Followers: 11 - Since: 02-10-05 - Founder: shikigami-kun
Support Of The KO Fandom
For the sap, the angst, the romance, and anything else you can fit a pair of teenage kittens into. KO Forever! Staff Search.To Subscribers: Do feel free to message me about adding stories you're particularily fond of, I don't bite I will read through your chosen story and take it into consideration at the very least. I look for good character portrayals, ok spelling and grammar, and specific plot details generally involving creative scenerio's or clean explinations for occurances.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 26 - Followers: 10 - Since: 03-02-05 - Founder: Bugnuks And Crossbows
Nonyaoi Weiss
What the title says. Quality Male x female pairings from the series Weiss Kreuz.If anybody happens to have some recomendations for fics, I'd be happy to know them!
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 4 - Followers: 9 - Since: 10-05-04 - Founder: Penybright
Weiss Kreuz Central
A collection of outstanding Weiss Kreuz fics. If your looking for a Weiss kreuz fic that you can sink your teath into come on in and maybe you'll find what your looking for. Warning: May contain some Yaoi.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 9 - Followers: 7 - Since: 08-24-05 - Founder: HisakiYuki
All that WeiƟ
English - Staff: 2 - Archive: 5 - Followers: 4 - Since: 09-23-04 - Founder: apocalipticoblivion
Further On Down the Road
I've noticed that people other than myself are reading Side B fics these days, so I decided to archive them all here. So for all you Side B fans, this is the place to be. If any one has a story to recommend for the archive, please let me know!
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 33 - Followers: 4 - Since: 12-01-05 - Founder: That Buggy Girl
The Ladies of Weiss
Most fics out there seem to be centered around Schwarz and Weiss. Here you can find fics starring Schreient or any other lady of Weiss
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 6 - Followers: 1 - Since: 12-21-05 - Founder: whitelilies
YO fiicies nonromantical and yaoi
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 10 - Followers: 1 - Since: 10-21-04 - Founder: Eldameldo
KenUke Recs
[ShounenaiYaoi] Sometimes I don't care who Ken is with as long as he is not top. AyaRan, Schuldig, Omi, Brad or even an OC. So this is a community for all just that purpose
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 242 - Followers: 0 - Since: 10-01-05 - Founder: DarkPhoenix484
It's Far Too Unstable Here
Hopefully this will one day be an expansive archive of high quality humor fics based on the series. Shouldn't be too hard to fill this thing up, there's just too much about these guys to pick on. ^-^
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 8 - Followers: 0 - Since: 02-07-08 - Founder: eMu3
Special Care
A community of FarfarelloxWhoever pairing fics, because a creature like Farf demands a special kind of lovin'
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 5 - Followers: 0 - Since: 11-29-07 - Founder: svenka
Soccer Fights and Irish blood (Ken&Farf)
Because there is NOT enough rough love Ken&Farf
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 1 - Followers: 0 - Since: 06-06-05 - Founder: Schus Soft Insanity
Fics that caught our fancy
Omific focus, with CrawfordxSchu, YohjiKen, or anything else that catches our eye.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 17 - Followers: 0 - Since: 10-10-04 - Founder: Becchan
This is just a community for all thouse lovly Ken storys. It can be about Ken or about a relationship. NO MARRY SUES IN HERE! Yoai's fine. It just has to focus on Ken. I could really use some staff.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 12 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-13-05 - Founder: Wildfire2
Pr0d1gy's B0mbay
The most wonderful fics about our fave chibis as a couple! Other couples can be included as minor themes.
English - Staff: 4 - Archive: 19 - Followers: 0 - Since: 09-08-06 - Founder: Pr0d1gy's B0mbay