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Van & Fiona 4ever
fanfiction that is based upon the relationship of Van and Fiona.
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The Scholarly NC Zoid Fiction
This is a tribute to authors who have finished and published exceptional New Century Zoid Fiction. These stories are usually hard to find and are here the honour of their preservation. Heavily based on originality and plot line development, all of these stories have shown outstanding writing quality. Congratulations to all authors who have been dedicated enough to receive this grand honour. These stories should be looked upon by newcomers/browsers for the best NC zoid fiction around.
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Classic Zoid Fictions
Due to the many abandoned, discontinued, and sort of 'n00bish' stories that seem to be posted often in the 'Zoids' section, I've created this C2 to help preserve some of the more or less regarded 'classic' stories that have been posted. bNote:b This is just a method of preserving some of the stories that get bumped down the list and should not be forgotten. It is by no means any attempt to drive off new writers from posting their works.
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Wildflowers, named for the CCGF opening, is an openminded and generally amiable place where writers can come for encouragement or critique, and is dedicated to making the section a better place through common goodwill and quality work.
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The Zoid Eve
Here is a collection of fics that focus on the Zoids and their pilots, along with Organoids and their partners. Find all your favorites, from Raven and Shadow to Vega and the Berserk Fury! Everything from cute, funny one-shots to full-blown epics! PM me to nominate a fic. Please enjoy! ;D
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Zoids other people
Stories with other characters created by people from fanfiction.net playing important roles in the plot.
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Golden Sagas
This is a community reserved for those great sagas that are based off of an author's own views of Zoids. Please send me a message if you have a story here and don't want it here. This c2 will NOT be destroyed because I've come back, and I'm not afraid to include my own story once I get a bit more to it. Taking submissions now.
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adventures of cait and or skye
adventures that include Caitlin Amaroq, also known as Rose and or Skye Nalo
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Obviously from the title, you can tell this is a place for VanxRaven fiction. I know there isn't enough interst in this couple, or even the series, but as long as there are a few that still love them, this pairing is still alive. Oh yes, and I'll be shameless and pimp my livejournal community: vanxraven . livejournal. com ::take out the spaces:: Feel free to go there to express your vanxraven love. :PAnd, if you have any stories you want on the community, just email me the link. :
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Zoids: Final Gathering
For all Zoids fans, come here to discuss Zoids and find information on characters and episodes as well as Zoids.
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A Raven's tears
Only a category for the best Raven fics and I mean Real fics...not sex shorts and random funny stories
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Zoids Fanatic!
Any and all of your favorite Zoids stories all in one place!
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Raven Alliance R.A
Get ready Raven fangirls and beware all you Van lovers, 'cause this community is specially dedicated to our favorite Zoid warrior Raven! Filled with the everlasting glory of some of the best authors and Raven fics around, it is based on preserving forgotten memories on why YOU love Raven... Enjoy!
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