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An archive of Yuuko x Watanuki fics.
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DouWata fics
Douwata/donuts/doumekiXwatanuki...WHATEVER! Everything goes here guys! :P
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Welcome to the archive for the pairing of DoumekiWatanuki, aka 104, aka Donuts, aka The Stoic Man Warrior and His HighStrung Housewife. If you'd like to submit your work please email or PM me, and I'll be sure to add it to the community!
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Yuuko x Clow archive. Ichihara Yuuko x Clow Reed: Soel and Larg's mommy and daddy.
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DxW Holic
Debajo de la luna, debajo de la lluvia. En medio del terror o tal vez de la risa... dos manos se entrelazan: X k no existen las coincidencias, lo que existe es lo inevitable... entonces ¿era inevitable que se conocieran? ¿Era inevitable que se amaran? El destino, se juega entre letras a voluntad de aquel que maneja la pluma... WatanukixDoumeki
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Are you tired of reading the mediocre fanfics that start to look the same after awhile? HIKARI C2 is accepting and providing high quality fics for xxxHOLiC fans.
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watanuki in charge
stories mostly about watanuki when he's the owner of the shop.YAY WATANUKI! BUT OTHER XXXHOLIC STORIES ARE WELCOME! CROSSOVERS TOO! as long as they'er xxxholic crossovers.It's just that I want the main focus of the stories to be about Watanuki or when he's incharge or both
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Like a melody in my head
Every XXXHoLiC oneshot or story, anything music related. Including songfics,band fics,or just the best XXXHoLiC stories ever. Including 104/any other pairing.
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The Best of xxxHolic
Any good Holic story - whether it's completed or not - is included. Pairings will mostly be SLASH (as in, Doumeki/Watanuki).
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The Best xxxHolic Doumeki/Watanuki epics
This community contains what in my opinion are the best xxxHolic Doumeki/Watanuki epics. The stories have to be amazing, most probably long, and perhaps AU. So far I've found two fanfics that merit this honorable distinction. :) I hope this list will grow, and please feel free to recommend stories fitting this criteria.
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