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Bible Believers
I thought that a conservative alternative to the heretics club was needed. If you believe that every word that proceeds from the mouth of God is truth, and that his word is infallible, and you follow this inerrant book, this is the community for you.By the way, it IS okay to actually post on the forums
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By HIS Wounds we are Healed
Surely He took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows. . . He was pierced by our transgressions, he was crushed by our inequities, the punishment that brought us peace was upon Him, and by His wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53:4,5
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These are the book that have been authorized by the Isurakians of the west for reading. Any book that names the light that has not on this list is forbidden to read.Book that has been accepted are:THE BOOK OF SEAMUS,THE BOOK OF MAX,THE BOOK OF CONNOR,THE FIRST BOOK OF SAM,THE SECOND BOOK OF SAM,THE THIRD BOOK OF SAM,THE BOOK OF MACKENZIE,THE FIRST LETTER OF TOBY,THE SECOND LETTER OF TOBY,THE FIRST LETTER OF MAX,THE SECOND LETTER OF MAX,THE THIRD LETTER OF MAX.
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This is a community for all those stories that are a little off kilter the ones that don't quite follow the exact Christian ideology, or defy it and make their own meanings. Meant primarily for serious stories, but a few humor may also be admitted.
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Angel Slash
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You Make Me Sick
You know those story, the ones that completely take the piss out the bible. Finally they are all bought together as the You Make Me Sick community. From Jesus Judas love relationship, to God having small bits, this C2 has it all. All stories rated M.
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True Christian Works
Here are the stories that honor God properly, unlike those Satanic pile of poop.
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The Books of the Light
The Books of the Light. Let their words be bless
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Stories for God
Any stories that are for God, not against him...
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Just Poetry
For all of those poetry lovers, here are all the poems from the Bible section... check them out, they're all awesome and by talented authors! I'm not so sure about the ones from me, though... I'm only putting the more recent ones here, sorry. I don't have THAT much time!
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