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The Best of THE BEST of the Clique!
We Clique fans were all in search of 1 thing. A place where wedon't have to sift through stories that put The Clique to shame;just find The best. We make sure that 3Clique writers approve the stories in this c2! PM any staffif you have a story in mind!
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The Best of the Clique Oneshots
Sure, stories are great, but if they ever seem waaay toooo looooong, that could be a problem.(3,2,1...)okay, problem solved!welcome to The Best Of The Clique Oneshots.The name pretty much describes itself. Help yourself!We pick the best.No guarantee of the pairings.
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Best of the Best Romances!
This section contains the best romances in the whole Clique archive....descriptive stories that keep you begging for more! We have all sorts of pairings! Come read if you desire the best romance stories
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Great Clique Stories
These are some of my favorite clique stories posted on Hope you like them too!
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The best of the Clique.
Tired of looking for great clique stories? Look no farther. I have narrowed the list down to the best of the best
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My Favorite Clique Fics
These fics are my personal favorites from the Clique category. I'm only going to choose wellwritten stuff, but it's not necessarily all going to be complete.
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That's So Not Massington
This Is the place to find all of the well-written pairings of Massie and someone other than Derrick, like Cam, Josh, Plovert etc. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Massington, it is just so common.
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The Clique, Head Quarters of Stories
Having a hard time browsing all the pages for a good one? Why waste your time, when you can search here! Please do send some entries, just PM me but I decline too... As obvious, only Clique fanfics are accepted (Just reminding!)
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