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Love Birds
Okay because I like Strak and Zoey together better I thought that I'd start one.
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panky95 and Jessica and Cyara Baylin fanfics...
Here are Jessica's and panky95's (Francesca's) fanfics. ~Cyara Baylin, pankyBaylin95's manager
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Zoey & Eric
House of Night fanfictions that include Zoey/Eric if you have any recomandations PM me and I will check them out ;) P.S. If you have a good name for the community tell me. ^_^ NEWS: Looking for staff! p.m. me to learn more...
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House of Night Installments
For the House of Night addicts out there. I know I can't be alone.
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House of Night mixed Pairings
Here, you can find different pairing people might rather want instead of what the book has given. Example: Stevie Rae x Aphrodite, Damien x Erik, Rephaim x Starks, Jack x Rephaim, Rephaim x Erik, Erik x Jack, Zoey x Aphrodite, Zoey x Stevie Rae, Zoey x Twins (Erin and Shaunee) etc... all pairing is welcome! This is where you can find all the different pairings besides already have given. Story can be different or changed.
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Greatest Love Stories
A community for the best House of Night love stories about the original characters. NO OCs! Be it fluffy, sad, or angsty every love story goes! No flaming! Please? Haha welcome, One and All!
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Into Darkness
so, I changed this Community. It's now here for the awesomeness that is Neferet. It's where I worship one of the least appreciated characters in the fandom, for her badassery, her incredible determination, and anything else I can think of...It's where I compile stories about her, be it Neferet pairings, AU, Crossovers, Neferet's Curse era, during canon, post canon. Anything Neferet is IC in, I want to have it in here.
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The Remarkable and Unconventional Pairing: Kalona and Zoey
Kalona is my favorite match for Zoey. A place for Kalona and Zoey Fanfictions. This couple is one of the most unconventional pairings, so therefore it can be one of the most interesting pairings to read about. This is also for any good Kalona fics! :D I love Kalona. I love House of Night!
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Children of Nyx
House of Night fanfics by Nyx's chosen one, ArrowBoy'sGirl and Total Obsessive Bookworm.
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James Stark & Zoey Redbird x
this has NEARLY all fanfiction's for Zoey and Starks relationship.there is lots so be patient as i will add more.enjoy x
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You know what I want, my love. I want you.
Zoe/Kalona fanfictions!
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La Sacerdotiza y su guardian ^0^
Es una seccion especial, puden ser fn fics de Stevie Rae x Repahim o Zoey x Stark o incluso Sgiach x Seoras o comko quieran es su eleccion!
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Stephaim for the WIN!
love Rephaim? Love him loving her? Well than come check out this communite. It is basically a place for anything and everything them. I'll have stories that involve them and other's that are just bout him. PM me if you know any good stories bout Stephaim or just Rephaim. :)
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There simply isn't enough Lenobia/Travis fanfictions out there, folks! So, please Lord, join this community and write some!
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Thinking outside the box - House of Night Style
All the stories in here are ones which, althought they contain house of night characters are quite different from others e.g How It All Began. - is about Neferet when she was young, it travels throught the time she got marked and the time just after.
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Stark and Zoey, awesome couple
self explanitory, i felt the need to do this for my fav pairing eva
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The Love of Jack and Damien
This is a community all about and based on Jack & Damien and their love, created by fans who do not believe this should have been ended.
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House of Night!
Join the House of Night! Night has chosen thee; thy death will be thy birth. Night calls to thee; hearken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House Of Night..........
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