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The Infernal Devices Class Acts
I had a hard time finding TID fiction that was well-written, thoughtful, and masterful (in my opinion) and decided to save others the pain of sifting through pages of badly done AUs, real-life, "modern times," set-in-high-school stuff to find the gems (again, in my opinion). High likelihood for smut.
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Infernal Devices Gay Pairings
Fanfictions based around homosexual relationships between Infernal Devices characters (also including Mortal Instrument Crossovers) This community does NOT include oneshots or pure smut. However, M rated stories are more than welcome as long as there is some sort of plot. EDIT: Anyone who follows, I will send you a staff invitation as this is a very open community and I want everyone to be a part of making it bigger and better! Just please don't erase any stories that have been added by others as the poi
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This is gonna be a mixture of many fan fics so be careful
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All About Wessa
A community dedicated only to William and Tessa. Come here to enjoy drabbles, one-shots and stories about this Infernal Devices couple.
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Cassie Clare's boys
Basically ranting about how exasperating, yet charming the boys in the series are (Both TMI and TID)
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Heronstairs is one of my fav OTP. There may not be much people who ship Heronstairs, but I want to gather all the people who ships Heronstairs too. Make a mini fan group and talk all about Heronstairs & celebrate Heronstairs day together. If you have the same idea, pls follow this community!
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