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Thranduil FanFiction
A place where people who love Thranduil can go to and read listen do what ever you please. Want to become part of the staff? Email me at For good and SOME bad Thranduil Fics.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 71 - Followers: 14 - Since: 01-15-05 - Founder: Lessien Helyanwe
The MOST Marvelous, Brilliant Stories
Are you sick of looking for the few good LOTR fanfics? This is a collection of some of the most brilliantly written ones. Sit back and enjoy!
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 37 - Followers: 13 - Since: 08-09-05 - Founder: snowdropsinwinter
Angsty Exploits of Certain Elves and One Ranger
Mae Govannen! Title says it all. Angsty all the way, but have happy endings 90 percent of the time. . .well, actually, maybe a TINY group of stories won't be angsty. . .if they're just too good, I'll put them on. . .besides that, it's going to be angst.The elves: Legolas, Elladan, Elrohir, maybe throw in some others sometimes.The ranger: Aragorn. The best stories that can be found. Believe me, these are definitely worth your time. Suggestions are very welcome! Enjoy! Thanks,Rutu
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 20 - Followers: 13 - Since: 05-09-05 - Founder: Rutu
Long Live Glorfindel
There aren't enough really good Glorfindel stories in the LOTR fandom. So here's some of the best! These stories either center on Glorfindel as a main character or a main secondary character and have no inappropriate language or slash. Perhaps some violence, but none of it extreme, and all good storylines. Viva Glorfindel!
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 31 - Followers: 13 - Since: 10-28-04 - Founder: Avalon Estel
The Ocs of Lotr
These are stories involving OCs. They involve characters that already "existed" or those who fell from Middle Earth. Genre doesn't matter.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 24 - Followers: 12 - Since: 03-29-11 - Founder: Dragonlover149
Faramir fanfics worth reading
My favorite fanfictions. Of course, Faramir is nearly everywhere! Chosen because they are humorous, insightful, well-written, beautiful, thoughts-provoking, etc...
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 172 - Followers: 12 - Since: 05-25-10 - Founder: Rian Steelsheen
Entertaining Legolas & OC Fics
Generally any LegolasOC pairing stories Mary Sues or otherwise that are fun to read even if they're not going to win any Pulizters. They're here because they're entertaining and or interesting as long as they're not parodies.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 12 - Followers: 12 - Since: 01-02-07 - Founder: Alliehalliwell
My Toes Will Never Be The Same Again...
Braving fanfiction hell so you don't have to.
English - Staff: 6 - Archive: 56 - Followers: 11 - Since: 05-19-06 - Founder: The Battling Bard
For all those stories where people have fallen in or out of Middle Earth. All genre's accepted.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 8 - Followers: 11 - Since: 09-05-05 - Founder: FallenTruth
Amin Mela Estel Elrondion
A C2 for all the Estel fanfictions. Aragorn when he was a young boy :
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 18 - Followers: 11 - Since: 02-15-05 - Founder: BabeyRachey
Best of Legolas
Here you can find all the best Legolas stories. They are all either in the third or forth age and have a large range of Angst to Adventure to Drama. No tenth walker stories!
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 12 - Followers: 10 - Since: 08-01-05 - Founder: Nemo1989
Aragorn and Legolas Slash
A community for Aragorn and Legolas Slash lovers.The pairing that people are beginning to forget brought back to life containg all the best fanfiction out there dedicated to our two favourite lads.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 2 - Followers: 10 - Since: 10-01-04 - Founder: meisalliam
A Ranger and An Elf
Rarely do you find good Aragorn and Legolas stories that aren't slash. So here you can find all of the really good stories between our two favorite friends whether you want humor, angst, torture, or just a bit of fluff it's all here.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 58 - Followers: 9 - Since: 04-10-10 - Founder: Merdan
Legolas Romances
Really good works where Legolas falls in love. NO SLASH. May be Mary Sue's, but only if they are good and show potential. Could be girls falls into ME, or not. Human or Elf, I don't care. It just has to be good.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 11 - Followers: 9 - Since: 04-03-08 - Founder: sparkling-stone
Lord Of The Ring's Funny bits!
HUMOR people, something for everyone, some straight some slash some weird All absolutely helairiosly funny I think I spelt that wrong. Every story is suposed to be read with tounge in cheek and if tolkien ever read any of these he would turn in his grave at the ridiculose positions his characters are forced into. But you know what they say alls fair in fanfiction so make sure youre mouth is empty or you will definetly spray the screen with chunks when you start laughing youre head off.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 186 - Followers: 9 - Since: 10-27-05 - Founder: E.Tphonehome
OneShot Wonders!
This is the place where you can find only oneshot stories. They can be funny, serious, anything but they all have to be oneshots! The only thing is it has to have Legolas, Gimli or Aragorn in it. Some exceptions will be made as long as they are EXCEPTIONAL! No Outward Slash.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 30 - Followers: 9 - Since: 08-17-05 - Founder: ashlyns
Legolas lovers
storys for those who LOVE legolas
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 18 - Followers: 9 - Since: 03-02-05 - Founder: nilimade
The Guild
The Guild holds a vast collection of some of the best Lord of the Rings fanfiction. Only the most well written works will ever be admitted into this community. There's guarenteed to be a little something for everyone. For R rated stories read my profile.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 49 - Followers: 9 - Since: 12-02-04 - Founder: PervyBloomyFancier
Boromir Lives Quality Fanfiction
I have a new fascination - well written "what ifs" on Boromir of Gondor. Since my profile is dedicated to HP fanfiction, I decided to create this C2 to put my favourites in LOTR universe in it. They star Boromir, during or after the Quest of the Ring. No Mary Sues, no slash, no non-canon romance. I decided for quality - so the archive is likely not going to be big. But what is there is worth reading, I promise. Great off-site pieces btw: Lords of Gondor and other fics by Linaewen.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 36 - Followers: 8 - Since: 04-28-10 - Founder: Iva1201
Poems and Short Stories on Friendship and Family
There exist many short stories that are equal in pleasure to multi chapter stories that make you cry, laugh, and stir your heart. There are many beautiful poems that speak of friendship, courage, loyalty, and family. Alas, many of these short stories and poems have been forgotten, buried, and hidden away. Here you will find some of them, the small gems among myriad of precious stones. No slash, smut, sex, or romance is found here.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 1124 - Followers: 8 - Since: 04-22-07 - Founder: Calenlass Greenleaf1
A Rare, Good Thing
Humor with a plot, proper grammar, and at least two chapters. A very rare, good thing, indeed. Slash free.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 11 - Followers: 8 - Since: 08-13-05 - Founder: Still Anonymous
The Diminuitive Cult of LeggyBashers
Because life is too short to ogle. Leggydeath, Leggybashing, if it's good, funny and slashfree, we want it!
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 17 - Followers: 8 - Since: 09-24-04 - Founder: Oddwen Floddball
Legolas angst luvers
The right community for Legolas angst luvers! If you think that Legolas gets hurt all the time, yet somehow enjoy watching the Elf in pain...well...this is a good community for that type of reader. Trust me, I am that reader. Most stories include Aragorn, and a few include Thranduil and Elrond, and sometimes the twins. SO...whatta you waiting for? Read!
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 13 - Followers: 7 - Since: 01-01-13 - Founder: Wood Elf luver
Good Lord of the Ring Reads
These are a few LotRstories that I recommend. They are the best of what I have read. The range of genres is large, so I'm sure you'll find some you like. The range of pairings and characters are also rather large. (both canon and non-canon) If you find a fanfiction that you think would be worthy of being in this community, PM me with the link to the first chapter. If you would like to be a staff member, PM me.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 38 - Followers: 7 - Since: 08-06-12 - Founder: trollalalala
A Hobbit's Comeback
A vast selection of well-written stories and poems, mainly centered on the hobbit, Frodo Baggins. Crossovers and regular stories are included, with no slash involved in any of these fan fiction works. Expect a variety of genres, poems, drabbles, one-shots, and stories in this archive.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 201 - Followers: 7 - Since: 03-10-11 - Founder: Aria Breuer
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